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Monday, July 28, 2014


Brazil not only condemned Israel that defends itself against PALESTINIAN TERRORISTS, but will make a note against Israel along with the countries that form the Mercosur.
But who is the Brazil to speak against Israel?
Israel is a developed country that does not have a century of existence, but the Brazil with 5 centuries of existence, always was an underdeveloped country.
Israel is one of the most advanced countries in the world, Brazil is one of the countries the most backward in the world.
Without wars, Israel would be a country completely peaceful, but the Brazil doesn't have "war", but die more than 56 thousand people in Brazil every year, levels that surpass most of the wars.
While Brazil has no doctors and hospitals, and needs doctors from outside, Israel has many hospitals and has 1 doctor for every 5 people.
The education of Brazil is one of the worst in the world and Israel is one of the best in the world.
Israel may even have unemployment and misery, but nothing compared to Brazil.
The corruption and prostitution prevail in Brazil, but in Israel is not hear talk of these things.
Israel wants and seek peace, but Brazil has already complied with the lack of peace.
Israel does not support dictators, but Brazil has supported the worst dictators like Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro.
Even with the war, the Israelis have pride of Israel and do not want to leave their country, and many people want to visit and live in Israel.
Even without "wars", the Brazilians have shame of Brazil, where many went out and even fled the country, where many Brazilians only do not leave Brazil, because they don't have the means to do so.
I am Brazilian and American, I am ashamed of being Brazilian and I love Israel UNCONDITIONALLY? Do you proud to be Brazilian?
Brazil condemns Israel for defending themselves against terrorists, but does not condemn countries like Venezuela, which is killing thousands of Venezuelans disarmed and is committing a genocido against its own people.
Who is the Brazil to speak against Israel?
Brazil is nothing compared to Israel.
Brazil has many riches, but the Brazilian people live in poverty.
Brazil is a large territory, but it is a dwarf compared to many countries such as Australia and Japan.
Israel is rich even not having many riches, and even being small in territory, has contributed so much with the whole world, exporting technologies and humanitarian aid.
After all these, now I ask for you last time:
Who is the Brazil to speak against Israel?
Think about it and Shalom!


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