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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Against or In Favor!?

Who is in favor of the Palestine, is in favor of the death, of the terrorism, of the hatefulness, of the dictatorship, of the underdevelopment, of the war, of the intolerance, of the fear, of the discrimination and of the own devil.
Who is against Israel, is against the life, against the protection of the innocent people, against the love, against the democracy, against the development, against the peace, against the tolerance, against the boldness, against the equality and against the own God.
Whose are you against and in favor?
Think and reflect, please!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why Israel?

Why is Israel so important?
At some point or another, this question has likely been asked of you as a pro-Israel supporter.
While we all may have varying ties to Israel, there are common fundamental reasons why modern Israel's existence today is so important.
An Idea to Build a New Nation in an ancient land.

Most Jews were dispersed following the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 C.E., although Jews have maintained a presence in the Land of Israel for more than 3,000 years. Their yearning to return spawned Zionism-the idea that a Jewish state could be re-established in the historic Land of Israel. Read more...
The Holocaust: The Urgent Need for a Jewish State.

The murder of 6 million Jews demonstrated the vital need for a Jewish refuge. In 1947, the U.N. voted to partition Mandatory Palestine into two states-one Arab and one Jewish. The Jews in Palestine immediately accepted. The Arabs rejected the plan, and five Arab armies invaded Israel. Read more...
A Home for Immigrants from Around the World.

Israel has also faced the task of forging a unified nation from an incredibly diverse range of immigrants. Since its founding, the tiny state has absorbed millions of immigrants from more than 100 countries, including Jews from Europe, Ethiopia and those forced to flee from Arab countries. Read more...
A National Ethos: Repairing the World.

For Israel, it is not enough to serve as a safe haven for world Jewry. Israel has always strived to share its blessings with other countries that are less fortunate. Israel's government and people constantly strive to fulfill the principles of freedom, justice and peace. Read more...
A mere 60 years after its establishment, Israel has emerged as a thriving democracy, a global leader in the areas of technology, agriculture and medicine and one of the staunchest allies of the United States.
Thank You,

Jonathan E. Missner
Director of National Affairs and Development

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Protect Israel and Fight Against His Enemy

Dear Friend of Israel,
Last summer, President Obama signed into law the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions Accountability and Divestment Act.
This historic legislation was overwhelmingly passed by Congress to help stifle Iran’s energy sector, restrict Tehran’s ability to conduct international financial transactions and hamper its ability to obtain components for its nuclear and missile programs.
While initial implementation of this law, as well as recently imposed international sanctions, are having a real impact in Iran, they have not yet brought about a change in the regime's behavior.
That is why members of the House just introduced The Iran Threat Reduction Act (H.R. 1905).
This new legislation would sanction Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) and enshrine in law for the first time that it is U.S. policy to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. The bill also would increase sanctions against the regime’s human rights violators and sharply tighten the enforcement of existing sanctions law.
Thank you in advance for your help and thank you for your continued support of AIPAC, the only organization working to ensure critical American support for Israel in these uncertain times.
Thank You,

Jonathan E. Missner
Director of National Affairs and Development

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jerusalem: The HomeLand of the Jewish People

The cornerstone laying ceremony for a new Jewish neighborhood on the northern slopes of Mt. of Olives was held this afternoon, in the presence of past and possibly future U.S. Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, Knesset Members, rabbis, and Jerusalem city council members.

mike huckabeeThe "Beit Orot" Mount of Olives Community:
This new Mount of Olives community is being developed by Beit Orot and is located in eastern Jerusalem, just outside of the Old City walls. Beit Orot has developed the first living Jewish presence in two millennia on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives. The community will host a Yeshiva where students couple intense Torah study with military service.
On January 31, 2011, a cornerstone laying ceremony was held for four new apartment buildings, each three stories high. In attendance at the ceremony were Knesset members, Jerusalem city councilmen, former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and actor Jon Voight.
These new buildings are now under construction but substantial funds are needed to complete the project.
Har HaZeitim (Mount of Olives) is a hill facing the old city of Jerusalem to the northeast. Its name was derived from the olive trees that once grew on its hillside in biblical times. According to Jewish tradition, it is from here that the dead will come back to life. The Mount of Olives hillside contains the holiest Jewish cemetery in the world.
The Beit Orot community is located in the eastern section of Jerusalem which in danger of being divided in a future political settlement. Only a strong, permanent Jewish presence in eastern Jerusalem can prevent our eternal capital from being divided.
By helping to build this vital Jewish community on the Mount of Olives, you are strengthening a United Jerusalem, and preserving Jerusalem as the eternal, undivided capital of Israel.

Please, help and bless this cause:

Psalm 122:
I rejoiced with those who said to me,
   “Let us go to the house of the LORD.”
Our feet are standing
   in your gates, Jerusalem. Jerusalem is built like a city
   that is closely compacted together.
That is where the tribes go up—
   the tribes of the LORD—
to praise the name of the LORD
   according to the statute given to Israel.
There stand the thrones for judgment,
   the thrones of the house of David.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
   “May those who love you be secure.
May there be peace within your walls
   and security within your citadels.”

For the sake of my family and friends,
   I will say, “Peace be within you.”
For the sake of the house of the LORD our God,
   I will seek your prosperity.

"Think about it and Shalom!"

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stop Flotilla Anti-Israel!

by Chana Ya'ar
Ran Curiel, Israel's ambassador to the European Union, charged Tuesday in a news conference in Strasbourg that a new attempt to breach Israel's maritime blockade of Gaza is a "clear political provocation." Activists organizing the new convoy said earlier in the day at a news conference in Strasbourg that aboard the vessels will be European Union parliamentarians.
The organizers claimed the status of the lawmakers would "protect" the other activists aboard the vessels from IDF troops who might try to redirect or otherwise stop the ships from reaching Gaza.
“In our view, the flotilla is clearly a political provocation... since there's no need for a flotilla to aid Gaza,” he said. “You can pass whatever you want to Gaza through normal channels.”
International aid organizations and Western governments have repeatedly told activists to bring their aid supplies to the region through approved land-based crossings.
Curiel also pointed out that Israeli troops intercepted a German-owned ship in March that headed for Gaza carrying a cargo of weapons for Hamas terrorists.
He warned activists that Israel would not allow the flotilla to threaten the Jewish State. "I cannot refer hypothetically to what the response of Isral will be," Curiel said. "What I can say is that Israel will do everything in order to protect its own citizens and it will do it within international law."

Sign this petition aganist the provocation:

Let go to help and to protect Israel from his enimies! God blesses and saves Israel! Shalom!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Differences Between Israel and Palestine

Palestine lie, but Israel speaks the truth.
Palestine kills, but Israel saves lives.
Palestine confuses, but Israel helps the humanity.
Palestine is fruit of curse, but Israel fruit of the Bless of God.
Palestine never was and never will be nation, but Israel always was and always be Holy Nation.
Palestine is used by Satan, but Israel is blessed by God.
Palestine will be extinct, but Israel remain for all eternity.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Celebrating Jerusalem Day!

This week Christians and Jews celebrated "Jerusalem Day." The anniversary marks the day in 1967 when Israel re-captured the city of Jerusalem.
Today -- more than forty years later -- the world is still wrestling over the outcome of that victory.
.. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN

My family heritage dates back eight generations in Jerusalem — hundreds of years before the modern State of Israel was even established! Jerusalem truly runs through my blood and it is the only place in the world that feels like home. My connection to the days of old lays in the cobblestone pathways of Jerusalem, and it is clear to me that my ancestry and my truest identity is rooted within these ancient streets. As a Jewish woman, I know that God has clearly proclaimed through the Bible that Israel is my true home.
It is hard to believe that up until 1967 Jerusalem was not fully under Jewish rule — Jordan still controlled East Jerusalem. The Jewish people feared that the Six Day War, which was started by our Arab neighbors, would lead to the young Jewish State's demise, but in reality it was one of the first steps towards our redemption. After God performed six days of miracles for His children, the city of Jerusalem was reunited for the Jewish people and the world to witness.
Many stories from the 1967 war have been passed down through the generations, but there is one that has always stood out to me. It inspires me every day and reminds me that the prophets I read about in the Bible are ever so present in the land of our forefathers.
The Israeli soldiers who fought to free Jerusalem told of a miraculous occurrence when they first entered the Old City during the fighting in 1967. As the soldiers came through a back entrance, they stopped to pray at the grave of Samuel the prophet. Even as bullets flew overhead and Israel's enemies waged their attack, the soldiers stopped and said a quick prayer for success before they then proceeded to miraculously wrest Jerusalem from enemy hands. As it turns out, the same day Israel succeeded in reuniting Jerusalem was also the anniversary of Samuel's death.
This story of faith and prayer reminds me that in Jerusalem there is no such thing as chance — in good times and in bad, in times of war and peace, everything resonates with holiness and biblical significance. Each year that I celebrate Jerusalem Day, I thank God that I am free to worship at the Wailing Wall, visit the graves of our prophets, walk the Mount of Olives, and watch biblical prophecy being fulfilled.
This year is a special Jerusalem Day holiday for me because I am spending it with my Saba and Savta (grandmother and grandfather), who are 84 and 91 years old, respectively. They made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) last week from the U.S., and are now blessed to call Jerusalem their home. Although my grandfather was born in Jerusalem, his family left Israel at a young age and his prophetic homecoming means that there are now four generations of the Eckstein family living in our biblical homeland. I am so proud and grateful to God that my family has the amazing opportunity to take part in the biblical prophecy of the ingathering of God's children.
With blessings from the Holy Land,
Yael Eckstein

Thursday, June 2, 2011

We Must Support Israel, Not The Terrorism!

We need you to take action to stop our government from supporting terrorism and undermining Israel. Please click here now to send a letter to President Obama demanding that he immediately terminate all United States funding and support for the Palestinian Authority now that it is sharing power with Hamas.
On May 4th, 2011 a "unity" agreement was signed in Cairo between Hamas and the ruling Fatah party. Hamas is an unrepentant terrorist organization, and is recognized as such by both the United States and the European Union. The Hamas charter not only calls for the violent destruction of Israel, but it advocates the murder of Jews wherever they might live.
Secretary of State Hilary Clinton summed up longstanding United States policy when she stated in 2009 that, "We will not deal with nor in any way fund a Palestinian government that includes Hamas unless and until Hamas has renounced violence, recognized Israel and agreed to follow previous obligations of the Palestinian authority."
Hamas has not done any of these things. Yet despite the signing of the unity agreement, the Obama Administration has continued funding the Palestinian Authority and pressuring Israel to negotiate with it.
This is not a time for ambiguity or excuses. This is a time for action. There can be no peace in the Middle East if terror is rewarded and empowered.
Please click here now to demand that President Obama immediately isolate Hamas.
May God Bless You and Those That You Love,
Pastor John Hagee
David Brog
Executive Director


Support The Mr. Prime Minister of Israel:

Sign Petition Against Jews Genocide:
Senator Joseph Lieberman, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, Pastor John Hagee, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz and Malcolm Hoenlien of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations come together to urge people to sign the Christians United for Israel petition calling for Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be prosecuted for the crime of incitement to genocide.


God blesses you and Shalom!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brazil and Israel's Union

In 2011 Maoz Israel founders Ari and Shira-Sorko-Ram traveled to Brazil. For years Maoz has had an office in Brazil and has published a newsletter in Portuguese, but this was the first time Ari and Shira went on a speaking and teaching tour of Brazil, to share about what God is doing in Israel today.

In this video you'll see some of the highlights of their trip, and hear about the exciting revival happening in Brazil today!


We have just spent two weeks in Brazil.
Our purpose was two-fold as it always is when we travel outside of Israel. We were there to educate Christians concerning God’s plan for Israel in these last days.
Secondly, we were there to encourage God’s people to be actively involved with Israel’s salvation – through prayer, sharing this knowledge and giving.
So it was with these expectations we set out for Brazil.
From the plane we could see the rich countryside – thousands of square miles of the finest agriculture. We knew Brazil is a power to be reckoned with, but we were amazed at just how prosperous the nation has become – everywhere we went.
But as we talked to the Brazilian pastors, we were even more amazed.
We were told that some 20 years ago, there were about 10,000,000 Evangelicals in that nation. Today there are more than 40,000,000 believers! In a nation of 180,000,000 people, that is over 20% of all Brazilians.
There are estimates that in another 20 years that figure could actually reach 50%!
0511 - Lagoinha Church, Brazil
The Lagoinha Church in Belo Horizonte is one of the largest in Brazil with over 45,000 members
with multiple services. Ari spoke in their Sunday evening service.
Everywhere we went, the leaders were hungry, the people on fire. Brazil is definitely in revival mode. Wherever we went in whatever city, churches were everywhere.
It is not at all surprising then that economically the nation is also booming. Where the Church grows, the people prosper. No two ways about it.
The economy of Brazil is now the world’s seventh largest economy and one of the fastest growing in the world.
Yes, the government is very left wing and very much against Israel. Brazil has been one of the first to recognize Palestine as a new state.
But the Evangelicals have a growing opportunity to change this – if they are discipled to understand the Word of God concerning Israel.
One pastor told us that some Brazilian Jewish businessmen had sought him out and told him that in this nation of anti-Israel politics it is plain to see that the Evangelicals stand out as a bright light with their foundational belief in the Bible.
They are therefore more prone to stand by Israel in her struggle to exist even though the world is becoming more and more hostile towards her.
0511 - Eva 0511 - Julio
Left: Eva Ratz, Israeli-Brazilian, has been with Maoz 14 years. She is head of the children’s department at Congregation Tiferet Yeshua in Tel Aviv and our Israel-Brazil coordinator. Right: Pastor Julio Otani, who has served as Brazil administrator for 10 years, lives in the large city of Curitiba. He introduces the Maoz vision and ministry to Brazilian pastors and publishes the Maoz Israel Report in Portuguese.
In contrast, we thought about the United States with her ever-growing anti-Israel stand and her moral decline.
If the Church as a whole does not take hold of the horns of the altar and plead for revival in the U.S., the economic deterioration will likely continue.
The Church in Brazil is young – and yes, many sectors of the Church have limited understanding about Israel and the existential challenges she faces.
Because of Brazil’s Catholic history, there is not always a lot of knowledge about what the Bible says concerning Israel as we approach these last days. (See Romans 11)
But that is all the more reason we were honored to be invited by many Brazilian pastors and churches which gave us the opportunity to present “the case for Israel according to the Bible,” and to show what Maoz Ministries is doing to bring the message of salvation to our Israeli people.
We found pastors hungry to understand the Word of God on this subject. We had opportunity to speak to several hundred pastors and thousands of people in the churches.
Ari spoke in one  of the largest churches in Brazil with a membership of 45,000 in the city of Belo Horizonte. The leadership immediately asked him to stay and speak at a pastor’s conference the following day. However, we had meetings scheduled the next day in another city.
0511 - Belo Horizonte
The metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte has over five million people.
The city is full of many hundreds of evangelical churches.
Because the Church is young there, it is important to get Biblical truth to the people before heresies such as replacement theology move in through anti-Semitic or just plain ignorant voices.
God has given us leaders in that land who have opened many doors to Maoz Ministries. In all we spoke 25 times in those two weeks.
Julio Otani has done an amazing job directing our Brazil office. God has given us a man who is totally sold out to his calling – to reach  his people with the Good News and the blessing waiting those who bring salvation to Israel: “I will bless those who bless Israel.”