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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jerusalem: The HomeLand of the Jewish People

The cornerstone laying ceremony for a new Jewish neighborhood on the northern slopes of Mt. of Olives was held this afternoon, in the presence of past and possibly future U.S. Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, Knesset Members, rabbis, and Jerusalem city council members.

mike huckabeeThe "Beit Orot" Mount of Olives Community:
This new Mount of Olives community is being developed by Beit Orot and is located in eastern Jerusalem, just outside of the Old City walls. Beit Orot has developed the first living Jewish presence in two millennia on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives. The community will host a Yeshiva where students couple intense Torah study with military service.
On January 31, 2011, a cornerstone laying ceremony was held for four new apartment buildings, each three stories high. In attendance at the ceremony were Knesset members, Jerusalem city councilmen, former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and actor Jon Voight.
These new buildings are now under construction but substantial funds are needed to complete the project.
Har HaZeitim (Mount of Olives) is a hill facing the old city of Jerusalem to the northeast. Its name was derived from the olive trees that once grew on its hillside in biblical times. According to Jewish tradition, it is from here that the dead will come back to life. The Mount of Olives hillside contains the holiest Jewish cemetery in the world.
The Beit Orot community is located in the eastern section of Jerusalem which in danger of being divided in a future political settlement. Only a strong, permanent Jewish presence in eastern Jerusalem can prevent our eternal capital from being divided.
By helping to build this vital Jewish community on the Mount of Olives, you are strengthening a United Jerusalem, and preserving Jerusalem as the eternal, undivided capital of Israel.

Please, help and bless this cause:

Psalm 122:
I rejoiced with those who said to me,
   “Let us go to the house of the LORD.”
Our feet are standing
   in your gates, Jerusalem. Jerusalem is built like a city
   that is closely compacted together.
That is where the tribes go up—
   the tribes of the LORD—
to praise the name of the LORD
   according to the statute given to Israel.
There stand the thrones for judgment,
   the thrones of the house of David.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
   “May those who love you be secure.
May there be peace within your walls
   and security within your citadels.”

For the sake of my family and friends,
   I will say, “Peace be within you.”
For the sake of the house of the LORD our God,
   I will seek your prosperity.

"Think about it and Shalom!"

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