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Thursday, February 28, 2013

ETeacher: Hebrew Courses Overview

Hebrew is a language spoken by over 7 million people, the majority of which live in Israel. It is one of the oldest languages in the world and was almost extinct until it’s revival as a spoken language in the late 19th century.

eTeacher enables you to learn the modern, spoken Hebrew that is the official and every-day language of millions of people in Israel, as well as Jewish people around the world. eTeacher offers courses for adults, and special classes for children between the ages of 7-17.

eTeacher’s approach is teaching Hebrew in Hebrew. Instruction is given in Hebrew only, regardless of the class's level or students' background. The Hebrew in Hebrew approach has been proven to be the most effective method for teaching this language.
eTeacher is proud to bring you the best teachers from Israel, all certified as instructors of Hebrew as a foreign language.
Online Hebrew LessoneTeacher is the exclusive holder of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ franchise to teach Hebrew online.

eTeacher’s virtual classes are conducted via live video conferencing. Students can see the teacher through a web cam. They can talk with the teacher and other class members using a complimentary headset & microphone from eTeacher. The lesson materials are presented via a multimedia application on each student’s computer screen. Study materials include a combination of content that has been developed specifically for online learning.

With eTeacher, you learn online in small groups (6-8 students) or in private sessions (one-on-one). Classes are scheduled based on students' locations, time zones, and personal preferences. The group classes are based on one of two intensity levels, depending on the needs of the group. For the higher intensity program, classes take place twice weekly, while the lower intensity course is comprised of one class per week. Students may submit homework and learn new words before each class. The private program (one-on-one tutoring) allows students to progress at a pace and intensity suited to their personal skill level.
Using eTeacher’s advanced technology, you can now enjoy learning from the best teachers without leaving the comfort of your own home. All of our teachers undergo comprehensive training courses to prepare them for online teaching. After each session, students are asked to rate the lesson, enabling us to maintain our standard of teaching excellence.

The Hebrew program consists of 5 different levels from complete beginners to highly advanced students.
Children age 7-17 can also enjoy eTeacher’s online program, attending specially designed courses. Classes are smaller, more intimate, and grouped based on homogenous age groups only.

A family history of Hebrew tuition

eTeacher Hebrew is the modern continuation of a grand tradition of Hebrew education for non-native speakers. Founders Boaz and Yariv are grandsons of Aharon Rosen, a pioneer of the discipline during the creation of the State of Israel and bestselling author of the Thousand Hebrew Words series.

From student to bestselling author

An immigrant himself, Rosen was a passionate teacher. The Ministry of Education commissioned him to develop an adult-learning system as waves of Olim arrived during the 1950s. His bestselling works are still widely regarded as the definitive Hebrew tuition texts for foreign students.

Continuing the tradition

Still in use today, Rosen's methods are highly effective and based on a deep understanding of language learning processes in particular relation to Hebrew. His grandsons have used state-of-the-art technology to perpetuate his vision of bringing Hebrew to anyone who wishes to learn it, at any age, anywhere in the world.




Monday, February 18, 2013


The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference April 28:
Jerusalem Day Prayer Breakfast:

June 4, 2013 - Join the Israel Allies Foundation and the most pro-Israel members of Congress for its third annual celebration of the reunification of Jerusalem. Speakers will include Representatives as well as Jewish and Christian leaders, dedicated to the future of a united Jerusalem. The breakfast will begin at 9:30am and will end at 12:00pm, with a press conference at 11:30 to cover the Congressional statements on the importance of a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty.
Register today to ensure your attendance!
Click here for pictures from last year's event.
For questions, please email us at

There is no cost to attend this event.
**A Kosher meal is available upon request. Please indicate in the "Organization" space on the registration form if you will require a Kosher breakfast. All Kosher meals served are under the certification of the Capital Kashrut Vaad Harabanim of Greater Washington.**
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Registration opens 


Set your alarm for 1Oam EST.
When it goes off, stop whatever you are doing
and go to to register!

  • Registering within the first 24 hours increases your chances of being offered a trip.
  • Fill out the entire application and submit your deposit - otherwise your application won't be considered by Taglit-Birthright Israel: Mayanot.
  • Don't be worried if the website is slow - there will be thousands of people all trying to register at the same time. If the website is slow just be patient. It may take a few extra minutes but it is well worth!

Don't miss out.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions: or 212.980.3414.

Linda Nechamkin

Taglit-Birthright Israel: MAYANOT
Registration Coordinator

Sen. Chuck Hagel: The Enemy Of Israel in the White House 4

Secure America Now's members have been in the thick of the battle to defeat the nomination of Chuck Hagel. Our campaign has helped move President Obama's nomination from being a sure-thing to being a troubled, public process.
Yesterday, the highest ranking Republican Senator on the committee considering the nomination said, He would do everything in his power to stop Hagel.
This is big news. Senator Inhofe has thrown down a marker and he needs our help to make it a success.
Please sign the petition to show your support for Senator Inhofe's campaign to stop Hagel. Please also get at least 10 other people to sign.
Let's show Senator Inhofe that we too oppose the ill-fitted nomination. Help stop Hagel -- a nominee who thinks America should NOT stop Iran's nuclear program, that America should talk to the Iranians and butchers in Syria, and whom refuses to report his own international financial transactions to the Senate, specifically regarding transactions which may conflict with Hagel's ability to role as U.S. Secretary of Defense.
Sign the Stop Hagel Petition! You can post the petition on Facebook and Twitter.

Donate Now!Senator Inhofe needs to know that Americans agree with him that Hagel is not fit for office.

Secure America Now has over 200,000 members. Let's leverage this base to let Inhofe and the rest of the Senate know that we, the American people, oppose Hagel. Sign Today.

You can make a big difference.

Israel have so much enemies in all the world and Israel don't need more enemies in the White House.
God blesses Israel and Shalom!

Monday, February 11, 2013


A new crossfire has emerged between the Argentine President Cristina Fernandez and the Jewish community over the agreement reached by the Argentine government with Iran to investigate the 1994 bombing of a Jewish institution in Buenos Aires which left 85 dead and hundreds injured, and remains unresolved.

The Jewish community has rejected the deal and called for a new accord insisting that the work over the years by Argentine prosecutors and judges should be included and question the creation of a ‘truth commission’.
Former International Criminal Court prosecutor and Argentine Jewish community advisor Luis Moreno Ocampo assured on Sunday that there is “the risk that Iran could use the ‘truth commission’ to hide the responsibility of those responsible for the crimes.”
Ocampo, currently advising DAIA and AMIA Jewish organizations on the agreement pointed out that the Jewish organizations “have questioned the accord and asked not to risk the investigation led by Argentine prosecutors and judges or any conclusions they may reach in the future.”
In a written statement, the former prosecutor warned that “if the Truth Commission acts in bad faith, this could hinder the investigation and the legitimacy of the Argentine justice’s actions.”
“The main concern is that the success or failure of these efforts would depend on the commission member’s capability or integrity, because they are going to evaluate the veracity of the information obtained so far,” he explained.
“If possible, it would be good to know the names of those being considered to take part in the commission,” he added.
“The Senate is the constitutional environment where all the doubts created by this initiative can be cleared up in order to find some common ground,” Moreno Ocampo said.
He made these statements after a new exchange between the Argentine government and the Jewish organizations mainly because of the creation of the investigative commission.
On Saturday President Cristina Fernández criticized the head of the AMIA Jewish community Guillermo Borger for saying that the agreement with Iran as it stands does not impede a possible third terrorist attack.
“The people and the Judiciary deserve to know” about a possible third terrorist attack said Cristina Fernandez by way of her personal Twitter account.
“I consider Borger to be a respectable person. What could he possibly have up his sleeve to make such an affirmation? If there were to be a terrorist attack because of the agreement with Iran, who would be the intellectual and physical mastermind?”.
From Río Gallegos, where she travelled to spend the long weekend, the Argentine president added that “it’s clear that it could never be the signatory countries” and then questioning, “could it be those who have rejected the agreement? Countries, people, or intelligence services? Who?”
“I think that the Argentine people and the Judiciary in particular deserve to know what Guillermo Borger, the head of the AMIA knows”, concluded Cristina Fernandez.



Trapped by the Frigid Winter Hel Us Make a Difference
Donate Now
Eighty-three year old Lubov lives in the former Soviet Union (FSU) with her 56-year-old daughter, Olga, who suffers from polio. They share two tiny rooms in a run-down apartment building. Sadly, there are many needy Jews in the FSU like Lubov and Olga – simply struggling to survive.
Subzero temperatures have gripped this troubled region, and a difficult economy has already forced thousands to choose between buying food and medicine or heating their home.
With so many elderly – including Holocaust survivors and impoverished families facing desperate conditions, The Fellowship has launched our Operation Warmth campaign. With your help we will distribute blankets and provide over 10,000 impoverished Jews throughout the FSU with heating fuel.
To those we help like Lubov and Olga, this assistance is, quite literally, a lifesaving blessing. “We don’t have relatives, so only The Fellowship helps us,” Lubov explains with tears in her eyes. “We are so very grateful.”
Far too many people in the FSU are living in dire conditions this winter, praying for the help they need to survive. Please help these vulnerable elderly who have nowhere else to turn by making a generous gift to our Operation Warmth campaign. Together we can protect these precious souls.
With prayers for shalom, peace,
Rabbi Sig
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Founder and President
There are still many months of bitter cold to be endured and many lives at stake right now. Join us and help these elderly Jews survive the winter by making a specialgift today.


Elderly Jews in the FSU
Need Your Help Now

Play Video

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He survived the horrors of the Holocaust in his native Bulgaria … struggled to survive when the Nazis sent him and his family to live in the misery of a Jewish ghetto … saw the Nazis murder many of his family members. And today, tragically, 78-year-old Yehoshua struggles to afford enough food to survive.

Right after the war, Yehoshua and his few remaining relatives made aliyah (immigrated to Israel), where Yehoshua met his wife, Leah. When he was younger, Yehoshua was able to work and provide for his family. Unfortunately, today, due to extreme financial hardship he and Leah often find themselves without any food – like too many other Holocaust survivors in Israel.

Their ongoing struggle against hunger and poverty is even more painful now, as Passover approaches. Yehoshua and Leah can’t possibly afford the special foods necessary to observe this sacred Jewish holiday according to biblical tradition.

Thankfully, the food packages Yehoshua and Leah receive through The Fellowship’s Fill the Pantry food campaign mean that they don’t have to go to bed hungry. “Thanks to The Fellowship and our friends in America,” Yehoshua beams, “we will truly be able to celebrate freedom this Passover.”

Please help Holocaust survivors like Yehoshua, as well as other impoverished elderly Jews throughout Israel and the former Soviet Union, celebrate this Passover with dignity. Support our Fill the Pantry food drive today – and may God bless you for your generosity.


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Saturday, February 9, 2013

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