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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sen. Chuck Hagel: The Enemy Of Israel in the White House 4

Secure America Now's members have been in the thick of the battle to defeat the nomination of Chuck Hagel. Our campaign has helped move President Obama's nomination from being a sure-thing to being a troubled, public process.
Yesterday, the highest ranking Republican Senator on the committee considering the nomination said, He would do everything in his power to stop Hagel.
This is big news. Senator Inhofe has thrown down a marker and he needs our help to make it a success.
Please sign the petition to show your support for Senator Inhofe's campaign to stop Hagel. Please also get at least 10 other people to sign.
Let's show Senator Inhofe that we too oppose the ill-fitted nomination. Help stop Hagel -- a nominee who thinks America should NOT stop Iran's nuclear program, that America should talk to the Iranians and butchers in Syria, and whom refuses to report his own international financial transactions to the Senate, specifically regarding transactions which may conflict with Hagel's ability to role as U.S. Secretary of Defense.
Sign the Stop Hagel Petition! You can post the petition on Facebook and Twitter.

Donate Now!Senator Inhofe needs to know that Americans agree with him that Hagel is not fit for office.

Secure America Now has over 200,000 members. Let's leverage this base to let Inhofe and the rest of the Senate know that we, the American people, oppose Hagel. Sign Today.

You can make a big difference.

Israel have so much enemies in all the world and Israel don't need more enemies in the White House.
God blesses Israel and Shalom!

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