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Thursday, October 6, 2011

"That Israel Must Disappear." And No One Uttered a Peep of Protest! (BUT I PROTEST!)

Strange! Many Brazilian analysts attribute to the Palestinians themselves candidly that are not attributed. Imagine if an Israeli diplomat from any spot said: "This Palestinian Authority should disappear ..." It would be a scandal. On Friday, in a speech to university students, Alzeben Ibrahim, Palestinian ambassador in Brazil, with all the letters said: "That Israel should disappear."
So that did not weigh no doubt about what he was saying, made ​​it clear: "And is not the ambassador of Iran or President (Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad who is speaking." Soon, it became evident that he was not mean Israel must disappear from the West Bank. It is wiped off the map even as Ahmadinejad preached. But of course, many will say: "Oh, he does not send anything!" Yeah! It reflects an internal debate, perhaps a strategy.
Knowing that Hamas, which also finds that Israel must disappear, will not stop throwing rockets into Israel, Alzeben said: "Israel is preparing provocations for a new conflict. Doubt the origin of the next rocket departing from Palestine." Said it had information of counterintelligence under which Israel would be infiltrating agents into Gaza to fire missiles at the territory itself, understood?
Jewish State 
By stating that "this Israel must disappear," Alzeben throws the nature of the "struggle" which many experts, including ours, refuse to admit.
When the Palestinian Authority refuses to recognize Israel as a "Jewish state" wants to make the return of the so-called "refugees" as a cause future generations to be guided. How can not eliminate "that Israel" by arms, dreaming one day eliminate it by demographics.
It will not happen. "This Israel" will not disappear even in a way or another. Anti-Semitism can be sure that their struggle did not have time to finish ... Pah! 
By Reinaldo Azevedo
Source (in portuguese):

If an ambassador of Israel saying that to "Palestine" should disappear of the map, with certainty, this ambassador would be in bad right sheets now. But I say: IT IS EASIER TO "PALESTINE" DISAPPEAR OF THE MAP, THAN THAT HAPPEN WITH ISRAEL. THE WORLD WANT THAT ISRAEL DISAPPEAR OF THE MAP, BUT THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN WITH THE "PALESTINE" AND WITH THE WORLD.

All Americans and Christians do something urgently, please:
God blesses Israel and Shalom!

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