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Thursday, February 9, 2012


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Fellowship Friend,
While Rivkah had so many reasons just to give up that evening, she had one very precious reason to persevere.  You see, Rivkah was also fighting for the life of her unborn son.
“When my husband kicked me in the stomach during my seventh month of pregnancy, I knew it was time to leave,” she recalls without an ounce of regret.
So she took action.  It takes a great amount of courage for a woman without job skills or belongings to walk out the door of her home and into the unknown.
As a woman and a mother, the terrible suffering and abuse that Rivkah endured is an issue very near to my heart.  That’s why I am so grateful IFCJ was there for Rivkah and able to provide a safe haven in a time of need.
“They immediately accepted me with open arms and warm words, and provided me with safety, shelter, food, and everything else I needed,” she remembers.
However, when a woman like Rivkah finds the strength to flee domestic abuse and start her life over from scratch, she needs more than just a safe place to live. Many women like Rivkah come to us with no education. No occupation. No way to earn their own living so they can escape the economic, physical, and emotional dependence of their abusive relationships. What these women need most is an opportunity.
That is why IFCJ supports a network of women's strengthening and empowerment projects throughout Israel to give Jewish women the skills they need to go out on their own.
The training that Rivkah received made her a strong and confident mother, and within a year she was able to leave the shelter.  She now rents a small apartment with her son and started a cosmetic business from home, which allows her to be financially independent – the first chapter in a success story that would have never been possible without generous friends like you.
Unfortunately, for every woman like Rivkah whom we can take into our shelter, there are five of six women and children we can't five refuge to because of lack of space and funds. That is why we are turning to you today for help.
Please reach out to open the doors of opportunity to courageous Jewish women like Rivkah by making a special gift to IFCJ on their behalf.
With blessings from Israel,
Yael Eckstein (signature)
Yael Eckstein
Senior Vice President
I visit these shelters often and talk with women like Rivkah.  It is so inspiring to hear them speak hopefully about the future and how much a gift from a far-away friend like you has impacted their lives.  Please continue to help IFCJ empower Jewish women in Israel and around the world.

NEW 2:
Our nation is facing severe challenges on multiple fronts.  The economy is slow.  We're in deep and mounting debt.  And we're nearing the end of long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in which we've spent far too much blood and treasure. 
This is a political season, but Israel's getting left out of the debate. 
We can't allow this to happen. If support for Israel isn't stressed in the campaign, it's less likely to be a priority after the election.  Our candidates need to hear that the American people want them to stand with Israel now more than ever. 
We must remind the candidates that Israel is a bastion of freedom and democracy in a despotic Middle East.    
We must stress that Israel is our first line of defense against enemies devoted to attacking America and killing Americans.  When Israel battles Hezbollah and Hamas, its battling Iranian-backed terrorist groups which have American blood on their hands. When Israel sounds the alarm about Iran, it's focusing our attention on the greatest strategic threat to America and the West.
And we must emphasize that unlike so many of our allies, Israel has never asked for American soldiers to fight and die in her defense. All Israel has ever asked is the ability to defend herself by herself. In so doing, these Israeli soldiers are actually defending us.
If we want our candidates to honor the U.S.-Israel relationship, then we need to put it back on their radar!   Please click here to sign our Defend America-Vote Israel petition. 
We will send a copy of this petition together with the names of all who sign to both the Republican and Democratic nominees for president. 
If we don't speak out, Israel may well be overlooked in this busy political season.  We will miss an important opportunity to impact our next president.  The time to speak out for Israel is now! 
May God Bless You and Those that You Love,
Pastor John Hagee
National Chairman
David Brog
Executive Director

defend america banner
Divulge this:

New 3:
The dirty little secret of American higher education: on campuses across the country pro-terror groups stage political demonstrations that have the tone and content of Hitler's Nuremberg rallies every single day.

Anti-Semitism and anti-Israel hatred are not only tolerated in our universities, they are in vogue. The atmosphere on campus today recalls that of Germany in the 1930s when Hitler was laying the groundwork for the Holocaust. Muslim students are allowed to intimidate Jewish students. They are allowed to bring Islamist preachers of hate onto campuses with unapologetically vile messages that would cause the KKK to blush.

Like yesterday's "good Germans," members of the academic community look the other way...Because of political correctness--Muslims are an "oppressed minority group"--no one dares oppose this hatred. No one except for the Freedom Center.

But even as we have been fighting the good fight we have been dismayed by how powerful the Islamist advance on our campuses is today. How bad is the situation? Find out in our groundbreaking new pamphlet, Muslim Hate Groups on Campus. For your $25 tax-deductible contribution, I'll rush you a copy of Muslim Hate Groups on Campus and for your contribution of $50 or more, I'll send you 10!

Muslim Hate Groups on Campus spotlights the radical Muslim Students Association, a group created years ago by the Muslim Brotherhood as part of a subversive network of organizations dedicated to the overthrow of American society. This supposedly benign "cultural" campus organization, in addition to leading the anti-Semitic hatefests of today, has actually been the breeding ground for today's international terrorist leadership!

In Muslim Hate Groups on Campus, you'll learn startling facts like how the President of the MSA Washington DC Council, Ramy Zamzam, was arrested and convicted in Pakistan of trying to join the Taliban and Wa'el Hamza Julaidan was MSA President at the University of Arizona before he co founded al-Qaeda. In other words, the student leaders of the MSA don't go on to careers in business, or education or philanthropy, but to careers in terror carrying an AK-47 rather than a diploma!

We must alert citizens, parents, school administrations and public officials at the federal and local level about how our campuses are being used as training centers for terrorists. We must tell them how the MSA student leaders who spew hatred against Jewish students today strap on suicide belts tomorrow and join the fight against American and Israeli democracy.

Will you follow this link to make the most generous tax-deductible contribution you can afford today to receive your copy of Muslim Hate Groups on Campus?

With your help, the Freedom Center will distribute 500,000 copies of Muslim Hate Groups on Campus to the media, and to state legislators responsible for oversight of public colleges, to school trustees who administer our universities and alumni who fund them through their donations.

Thank you for all your support of the Center and my work on the campuses. Thank you for standing with me against these subversive groups.


David Horowitz
President & Founder

P.S. When you read our new pamphlet, Muslim Hate Groups on Campus, you'll be shocked to learn about the hateful, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel movements taking place at American colleges and universities. The Freedom Center is sounding the alarm, but we need your support to do so. Please follow this link right away to make the most generous tax-deductible contribution you can afford today. For your gift of $25 or more, I'll rush you a copy of Muslim Hate Groups on Campus and for $50 or more, I'll send you 10! Thanks—David




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