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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Take Action For Israel 10

Jerusalem’s history as the capital of the Jewish people and it’s security are once again under attack this year. We must continue to speak out on Jerusalem’s behalf. There are two actions you can take:

1)    If you have not already done so, please write your Congressman and Senator and let them know just how important Jerusalem is to the heart of Americans.
2)    Forward this update on to a friend! Help spread the word about the importance of a united Jerusalem and the challenges that it is currently facing.

In the past few months…

-       President Obama signed another presidential waiver to postpone moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Dec. 2, 2011

-       In March 2012, an International Conference on Jerusalem took place in Qatar to discuss the “Judaization of Jerusalem and Palestine” – statements and speeches included the following:

·      “The Zionist movement […] propagated a series of claims that Palestine is the historical homeland of the Jews; that today’s Jews are the grandchildren of David & Solomon.” - Dr. Abdul-Aziz Awadh

·      “According to the Old Testament, Israelite tribes settled in the Canaanite cities and villages in Palestine after they entered it forcibly, i.e. by war. […] Torah scholars claim that there had been archeological debris that proves Israelite tribes settlement in Palestinian sites in the end of the 11th century BC. The Torah says that during that period, Saul went in a short battle against the Palestinians […] David, who was a mercenary in the Palestinian lines, took over after him.” - Dr. Zaiden Abdel Kafi Kafafi, “House of David, true or false?”

·      “None of you will be able to change the fact that America will always support Israel, but what America can do is help Israel to better get along with other countries in the neighborhood, including a future state of Palestine.” – Kenneth Insley, Consultant to the U.S. State Department

-       A Global March on Jerusalem has been planned for March 30th – the goal of the march is for 1 million people to cross into Israel and march to Jerusalem. According to a recent Jerusalem Post report, “organizers hope to see a multi-pronged rush on the Israeli frontiers of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan as well as marches in the Palestinian Authority, Gaza and east Jerusalem.”
This New Year has brought new challenges beyond a nuclear Iran.  Now is the time to stand with Israel against this onslaught. Now more than ever we need to recognize Jerusalem as a united city under Israeli sovereignty as its legitimacy continues to be attacked.

Together we can help ensure a united Jerusalem!
Protect Jerusalem Now:
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President Obama has requested $3.1 billion in security assistance for Israel as part of his budget for fiscal year 2013. The aid represents the fifth year of a 10-year U.S.-Israel security agreement to provide the Jewish state with the resources to defend itself amid rising threats in the region, including a potential nuclear-armed Iran.
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God blesses Israel and Shalom!

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