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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Couple of lesbian is benefited of the lawful socialist system of Israel to persecute Messianic Jews.

Julio Severo
Who said the Middle East only gays and lesbians are persecuted, tortured and killed? Not in Israel, the only country in the region that does not have majority muslim and who follows Western standards and laws of political leftists.
If it depends on the rule of law socialist Israel, the followers of Jesus Christ are below the followers of homosexual sex.
According to the website The Times of Israel, Yael Biran and Yakobovitch Such a couple lesbian who lives in London, won in the "Promised Land" compensation of 60,000 shekels (just over U.S. $ 31 000) for having your wedding reception canceled a show due to "sexual orientation" - a term so vague ideological and has covered up pedophile.
The decision was given by Judge Dorit Feinstein, the Jerusalem Magistrates Court, which ruled that the marriage hall at Yad Hashmona, location next to the "Holy City", could not refuse to carry out the party for lesbians. The owners, who are Messianic Jews, were also ordered to pay all costs. Messianic Jews are Jews who convert to Christianity, but maintain Jewish practices. They recognize Jesus as the Son of God and the promised Messiah expected by the Jews.
"The law is really progressive," said one of the lesbian, Yael Biran. "She says that any business or service provider in a location that is open to the public may not discriminate based on sex, religion, color, race or sexual orientation - but it is the first time that the law was put in place for gays and lesbians ".
Yael, 38, and Tal, 34, born in Israel, met in 2005 when Tal, now theater director, traveled to London on business. Yael lived in the UK since 1994, first as a student and then as an animator.
The couple married in England in 2008 in a civil ceremony and wished the party for her relatives and friends were in Israel. The couple went to the salon to book date. When the owners realized that the wedding was a couple of lesbian, reported that the salon did not hold events for gay and canceled the reservation.
In his defense, the owners, argued that closing the hall to couple gays and lesbians was a religious issue.
"The gay and lesbian relationships are against God's will [...]. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament treat this phenomenon as abomination [...]. This is our belief and strict with which we are committed, "the owners wrote in his defense, arguing that this was a matter of faith, not financial.
Judge Feinstein accepted the argument that there was a clash between freedom of religion and right to equality. However, determined that the wedding hall was not a religious site, but a business audience, so that could not discriminate according to sexual orientation law passed in 2000 in Israel. The judge also found that certain biblical expressions directed at lesbian duo constituted sexual harassment.
Gay groups around the world are applauding the "advance" progressive Israel. But even with all his adulation to Western liberalism, little Israel can please the demanding Western leaders, who seem eternally see Israel as a reminder of God and His Word.
It is true, as is telling the international media that the case of lesbians who defeated Messianic Jews differs greatly from Islamic countries neighboring Israel.
However, by placing the "right" to homosexual perversion above the religious right in Israel joins the Islamic countries in the persecution of the followers of Christ.
It is easy to pursue, fine and arrest the followers of Christ. When they are insulted or their Master, they do not take to the streets killing Westerners, destroying embassies and threatening to kill them insulting.
If the couple lesbian had chosen as a target of their attack the Muslims ideological owners, no judge would gain because for them.
Adapted from homosexual website A Capa with information Rua Judaica website.
Source (in portugiese):
Website in English:
NOT SUPRESA! When the homosexuals do not be pursued, they pursue! Where there is homosexuals, always there are persecutions!
God free Israel of the homosexuality and protect the Jews and Christians in Israel!

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