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Friday, October 12, 2012

What Paul Ryan Should Have Said

Susan Rice
As a premier national security issues advocacy organization, our mission is to educate and mobilize the American people around issues of strong national security policies. We offer this assessment in the hope that you will share it with your family and friends, so the narrative that is critical to keeping America safe, will resonate with the candidates and constituents.
Unfortunately, last night’s Vice Presidential Debate did not produce the kind of security policy differences one would hope a Romney/Ryan presidency would bring.
Congressman Ryan’s answers and Biden’s aggressive and frequently unsubstantiated comments blurred the facts.
We were expecting fireworks, when the first question dealt with the failures to protect American Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Libya. Instead, Ryan allowed Biden to escape political damage when he accused Ryan (incorrectly) of supporting cuts to securing our embassies overseas.

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Ryan should have pointed out that a day before the attack, a State Department official told Congressman Issa’s Committee that she felt the level of security at the embassy was appropriate.
Ryan should have challenged Biden’s contention by pointing out that five days after the tragic event the Obama Administration was still getting faulty intelligence that said the attack in Libya was an outgrowth of a spontaneous outburst against a video, which in fact, no one saw.
Ryan could have said, if Fox News knew enough to report in less than 24 hours after the murders that it was a planned assault, then Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and Barak Obama should have challenged their security services who they claim were still wedded to the video story. Have you signed the Susan Rice Must Go petition?
Ryan missed an opportunity by not announcing that President Romney would set benchmarks for Iran (Red Lines), a policy opposed by the Obama Administration.
Unfortunately, Ryan failed to bring up the Obama Administration's campaign to give the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt over $400 million. Why should American taxpayers support this anti-American regime? Mitt Romney has said he would insist that Egypt meet defined criteria before any aid would be forthcoming.
Ryan could have asked Biden why the Obama Administration actively supported the Muslim Brotherhood over non-Islamist activists in Egypt’s election.
Sadly, there were several more missed opportunities.
Today, tomorrow and long after the November 6th election, Secure America Now is dedicated to ensuring that we, the American people, will never be left with a weak, apologetic or uninformed electorate.
We offer you this assessment and ask that you share it with your friends and family by social media and in your discussions this weekend, regarding the upcoming elections.
Your activism is the single most important task you can do to keep our nation safe against terrorist infiltration, attack and capitulation to our enemies. Please share.
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God protect us and Israel from terrorism!

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