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Sunday, June 30, 2013

World War Z: Paramount Thinks Turks Afraid of Israel, not Zombies

What scare you?:

Paramount pictures thinks that Islamic audiences in Turkey can handle a movie in which flesh eating zombies take over the world. But they were afraid that mentioning the word "Israel" might really horrify them. So they took the word out of the movie and replaced it with the words "Middle East."

Go to Paramount's Facebook page and leave a comment that Israel in Turkish is translated as "Israel" not "Middle East."

When the West is afraid of irrational anti-Israel sentiment, they end up giving it credibility.

If you can handle a zombie movie, you can handle the word "Israel."
Protest against the movie in the Facebook's Fan page:
More information about the movie:

Zombies don't scare me. I support Israel. What scare me and I don't support is the antisemitism.
God blesses Israel and Shalom!

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  1. Israel is a real nation and they are not there to terrorize people.israel is there to help one another as they did in Haiti when earthquake hit them and they responded and they also will be there for everyone even usa if something terrible happens. so turks being afraid of Israel is silly they do not need to be afraid of them for any reason, they need to open up to them paramount thinks turks is afraid of them they need to stop the nonsense. and open up to Israel more and learn more from the Israeli people so they can understand more clear who Israel really is.