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Thursday, August 15, 2013


  • “We are so thankful for the current persecution we are experiencing. We know that God is allowing this to prepare us to evangelize the Muslim world.” This statement transformed my life over 15 years ago and continues to inspire me as we serve persecuted Christians around the world.
    In Japan…
    When I was a college student back in the early 90’s, the Lord opened the door for me to join a short-term missions trip to Tokyo.  As we conducted an English class, a group of men from Iran began to join in because they were eager to speak with Americans. Over the course of a few days, I shared my faith with a young man close to my age. While we were speaking, he leaned across the table, held his hands together and said, “Islam is like chains on my wrists.” I was deeply impacted to hear that his religion had brought him bondage while my faith in Christ had brought me freedom.
    After college I attended seminary where I studied missions with an emphasis on reaching the Muslim world. Early in that period I often wondered what had happened to that young man from Iran I met in Tokyo. I was determined to prepare myself to minister to others like him but often wondered if I would end up as a martyr for preaching the Gospel in the Middle East.
    However, in the sovereignty and wisdom of God, a door opened for me to join a ministry that focused on serving the Church in China. I often prayed and asked the Lord why He placed me with this ministry when my heart was moved to reach the Muslim world. In less than a year I had my answer when our office received the translated statement (at the beginning of this post) from a senior Chinese house church leader named Sister Deborah. This was the first time that I learned about the Chinese Church having a burden to reach the Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu people for Christ as part of their vision known as “Back to Jerusalem”!

    Today, Sister Deborah and many others across China are preparing and sending Chinese workers into the harvest fields of the 10/40 Window.  As they reach into the cities and minority groups like the Tibetans and Uighurs of China, they also have their heart set on preaching the Gospel to the unengaged and unreached people groups that are left along the ancient Silk Road between China and Israel.
    What has impressed me the most about the church in China is that they are prepared to give their lives to save others for Christ. In contrast, radical Islam teaches followers to take a life in order to please Allah. The sacrificial life of Jesus continues to serve as our model for expanding His Kingdom.
    Alpha Relief mobilizes and educates the global Body of Christ to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people living in countries where Christians are persecuted. This is our mission. As persecution continues to increase globally, we find ourselves in a position where we need to increase our efforts to meet the demands and cries for help.
    In China the opportunities for investment are tremendous and extremely exciting. The church continues to grow at a staggering pace but with this growth the need for resources and equipping has multiplied. We are currently working closely with several proven ministries who have served the church in China faithfully for many years. Our model is to look for groups and individuals with a proven track record and to come alongside them in their efforts.
    One group specializes in leadership and practical ministry training while another helps supply Bibles and other training and discipleship materials for the unregistered house church movements. What is exciting about serving these groups is their passion and vision to not only impact China but the nations on their borders and even along the Silk Road that I mentioned earlier in this letter. This is the hour to come alongside the Church in China and help transform them from a mission field into a missions force.
    Thank you for ensuring hope,
    Wayne Graham
    Alpha Relief Director

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    When He saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.”
    Matthew 9:36-38
Your one small act can start a chain reaction for helping those in need across the world.



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