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Thursday, October 3, 2013


email Prime Minister Netanyahu

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brought sanity back to the United Nations.  He spoke candidly and courageously about Iranian President Rouhani and the threat that Iran's nuclear weapons program poses to the western world. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminded the world that we must not focus on Rouhani 's words, but on Iran's actions.
We share Prime Minister Netanyahu's concern that the international community is falling for Rouhani's charm offensive.   The new Iranian President may sound different than his predecessor, but his years of high level service to Tehran's radical Islamic regime tell a different story.  Rouhani has American and Israeli blood on his hands.  He was the head of Iran's Supreme National Security Council when Iran murdered 19 American soldiers in Saudi Arabia and 85 men, women, and children at the Buenos Aires Jewish community center.
Given his history and his own words, it is difficult to see Rouhani's charm offensive as anything other than an attempt to buy Iran time to pursue it's nuclear weapons program.  We  applaud Prime Minister Netanyahu for telling the world that "Israel will never acquiesce to nuclear arms in the hands of a rogue regime that repeatedly promises to wipe us out."  We pray that the international community will listen to Prime Minister Netanyahu's wise words and clarion call to examine Rouhani's actions.
Prime Minister Netanyahu was alone at the UN before representatives of many hostile nations.  Please join us in telling him that in the real world, he is not alone.  Please email Prime Minister Netanyahu and tell him that you and millions of Christians deeply appreciate him telling the truth about Rouhani and Iran's nuclear weapons program.
email Prime Minister Netanyahu


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