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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Iran Sancations
Dear Friend,
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius called it a "suckers deal."  Prime Minister Netanyahu called it a "bad and dangerous deal."
The deal they're referring to is the one that the Obama Administration negotiated with Iran.  We reportedly offered to release the economic pressure of our sanctions by unfreezing billions of dollars of Iranian assets.  In return we were given largely unverifiable Iranian promises to freeze -- but not reverse -- parts of their nuclear program.  In short, we offered to jump-start the Iranian economy for a handful of magic beans.
The talks with Iran were suspended before an agreement could be finalized.  But the talks will resume on November 20th.  Unless we act now, the Obama team will return to the negotiating table more determined than ever to strike this dangerous deal.
We must keep the pressure on Iran unless and until it is willing to make real concessions that cannot be quickly reversed. If the Obama Administration will not do so, then others must act.
The United States Senate is now our best hope.  The Senate is contemplating enacting tougher sanctions on Iran.  We believe that these sanactions represent our best hope of forcing Iran to make real connessions on their nuclear program.   Please click here to demand increased sanactions on Iran.
May God Bless You and Those that You Love,

Pastor John Hagee              David Brog
Chairman                           Executive Director


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  1. Too late. Our muslim-in-chief already released 8 billion to Iran and relieved their sanctions...when in actuality, they need to do the opposite. They should have pulled the noose tighter and strengthened the sanctions. Just goes to show what happens when you have a muslim, jew hating radical in the white house. I hope to see Obama, Kerry, Hillary and Holder in handcuffs for treason.