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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fellowship Prayer Points

Every year for the past 60 years, the National Day of Prayer has brought together people of all faiths to pray for the needs of the U.S. On this important day, we ask that you join us in appealing for God's assistance in securing health and safety for both the U.S. and Israel, and praying for the day when God will bless our nations, and the entire world, with his most precious gift of shalom, peace.
  • Pray for all who are gathered today at the National Day of Prayer in Washington, D.C., that they will come together in a spirit of unity and shared faith and trust in God.
  • Pray for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his upcoming trip to the U.S. Pray that God will guide him as he speaks to the U.S. Congress, and that the U.S. will give the Jewish state the support it needs to achieve peace and security.
  • Praise God for the U.S. military forces that brought to justice arch-terrorist Osama bin Laden. Pray for the safety of all U.S. and Israeli soldiers who stand on the front lines of the war on terror.
  • Pray that the unrest in the Arab world will end, and that oppressive regimes in this troubled region of the world will be replaced with governments that truly have their people's best interests at heart, and will seek peace with their neighbors — including Israel.
  • Pray for comfort for all who have lost loved ones in terror attacks in Israel and around the world. Pray that God will heal, both physically and spiritually, all those who have been injured in attacks.
  • Pray that God will continue to uphold and protect Israel through the difficult and uncertain times that lie ahead.

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