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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Obsession With Israel

Source: is an organization that seeks to raise greater awareness of human rights violations in the Middle East.
The fight for human rights and social justice has been hijacked. When the world should be crying out against malnutrition, disease, conflict and repressive regimes that violate the most basic human rights, many who call themselves humanitarian remain silent.
Instead, they align themselves with the very regimes that cause so much misery.
How can it be that Turkey finds support among human rights advocates, when it denies the Armenian Genocide, oppresses its Kurdish population and occupies Northern Cyprus?
How can we allow Saudi Arabia to sit on the United Nations Human Rights Council when it is one of the greatest abusers of Human Rights?
How can a true humanitarian defend the huge sums that go to the Palestinian Authority, frittered away on payments to terrorists, casinos and corruption? It should be spent on educating their children for peace, infrastructure and projects for peaceful co-existence.
How can it be that Syria and Lebanon have friends in the human rights community, when they abuse their Palestinian brothers, keeping them in camps for over 60 years? They should be granted citizenship and be treated like human beings, rather than pawns in a battle.
It is time for the world to regain the moral initiative.

Think about it and Shalom!

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