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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Remembering Victims of Holocaust

by Katy Sorsher Smith
Jude yellow star of DavidThis morning started just as any other weekday morning in Israel. People went to work, making their way through the busy highways. Students went to school. The streets of every town were busy as the vendors opened their shops and boutiques. After all, this is just another Thursday.
But as the clock handles started approaching 10am, suddenly, the atmosphere started to change. In every school across the country, students were gathering outside. At the Yad Va'Shem Holocaust Museum a big crowd gathered. But the crowds were not what you would expect them to be... they were silent and that silence was heartfelt and deafening.
At 10:00am sharp, one after another, from every part of every city in Israel, sirens started wailing. They started at the lowest note, making their way up the scale, and when topped off continued their alarming sound.
As this started happening, people from every shop and business on the bottom floor went outside and stood in silence with their heads bowed. Every car on every road - even the highways - stopped in the middle, and the drivers with the passengers came out to stand with the entire nation as they remembered the 6,000,000 Jewish men, women and children who perished in the Holocaust.
In this silence, with just the sirens whistling, I always think about the silence in the gas chambers that came after the desperate screams and pleas - of people who were grasping for just one more breath of air - stopped. Because I grew up in Israel, I also see before my eyes the horrible pictures that documented these atrocities. Their voices will never be heard again.
It seems endless, but the sirens continued just for two short minutes. Then they made their way back down the music scale and died out completely. Students continued a ceremony of commemoration, as did those in Yad Va'Shem. Everyone else got back to work and to their cars, and continued with their daily routine. Aside from special TV programming that will continue until this evening, it is, again, just another Thursday.
Every year on Holocaust Remembrance Day the same thing happens across the nation of Israel. This will continue until the end of time - because we are the only voice the victims now have. The Jewish people who survived WWII swore to never forget. And we never will! No amount of Holocaust deniers will change that. Ever.
If you would like to be a part of this Day of Remembrance, we invite you to watch this video made by our Maoz media team.
Holocaust Video Thumbnail
You might have seen it before. You might have seen it more than once before. But just as Israel remembers every year anew, we ask that you watch and remember again - and then click "Forward" to share this email and this video with everyone you know.

Let's let everyone know that we will remember, and never forget... but more than that - we will never allow this to happen again!

Please Pray...

- Pray for the Holocaust Survivors, whose numbers are decreasing with each year, for God to touch their hearts and bring them salvation.
- Pray for the families of Holocaust survivors and victims to have hearts open to God and His Good News. 
- Pray for the Lord to protect Israel from her enemies, and that He will never allow another Holocaust.
- Pray for salvation of all Israel.
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