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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Support 1:
Send a Passover e-Card
to your family and friends!

This year Passover starts at
sundown on Friday, April 6th.
From today until Passover ends
on April 14th at sundown
you can send Passover e-cards from our website.
Passover e-Card 3
There are four designs to choose from, so don't delay! Send your cards today and remind everyone you love what Passover is all about!
(This service is free and you do not need to be a subscriber of Maoz to send cards.) 
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Support 2:
When Israel defended itself against terrorist attacks, the Palestinian Authority claimed that it was Israel that committed "war crimes" and filed charges before the International Criminal Court (ICC). 
Defend Israel from Relentless Attacks I presented oral arguments before the ICC, in support of Israel and its soldiers. Today the ICC has agreed with our arguments and has dismissed the case against Israel.
This is a major victory for Israel and the ACLJ, but now the focus is back on the U.N. where hostility to Israel is high.
Continue this fight for Israel with your tax-deductible donation to the ACLJ today.
Any gift you make today to the ACLJ will be matched dollar-for-dollar toward our work in defense of Israel. A gift of $10 becomes $20; a gift of $100 becomes $200 toward our legal defense of Israel.
The ICC agreed with our argument that the Palestinian Authority lacked standing to bring a case against Israel because Palestine is not a state. Now, the Palestinian Authority's only recourse to continue their pursuit of legal terrorism against Israel is to take their cause back to the U.N. General Assembly.
The ACLJ is fully committed to using our global resources in Israel, Europe, and at the U.N. to continue to successfully defend Israel against these baseless attacks.
Israel also faces new dangers as the Muslim Brotherhood – a radical Islamic group with ties to the very terrorism that Israel seeks to defend itself from – is poised to take control of Egypt, threatening decades-long peace agreements with Israel.

Successfully defending Israel at the ICC is a major victory, but now we must be ready for the terrorist-led Palestinian Authority’s attempt to gain statehood at the U.N., in violation of international law. Israel needs our support today. Have your gift doubled now.
Thank you for standing with the ACLJ in defense of Israel.
Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel
P.S. This victory is an important milestone in the defense of Israel. Please make sure to forward this email and share this news on Facebook.
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Support 3:

Freedom and Food

Passover commemorates our freedom from the horrors of slavery in Egypt, culminating with the birth of the Jewish nation: A healthy, liberating experience for both body and soul!

Our ancient customs at the Seder and the special foods we eat - tell the amazing story of our freedom. And they help us to re-enact those precious moments of liberation, some 3300 years ago.
Marror (bitter herbs), remind us of the harshness and bitterness of slavery. Matzoh, the "poor man's bread" that we ate as slaves, transforms itself, during the Seder, into the bread of redemption. The four cups of wine are drunk while reclining like kings - a royal beverage celebrating our newly found freedom.

Unfortunately, for impoverished families in Israel, Passover can be a time of tremendous stress, hunger and despair. When there's no food on the holiday table, Passover is no longer a time of freedom. Tragically, it can be transformed into another experience of bondage, depression and despair.

What is Lema'an Achai?

Fortunately, there is an organization called "Lema'an Achai", which means in Hebrew:
"For the sake of my brethren".

Did you know that one out of every four families in Israel lives below the poverty line? And that one of every three kids in Israel suffers from "food deficiency"?

Passover is an especially costly time - buying matzoh, wine and other essential food for the entire seven day holiday. For impoverished families, this extra burden is impossible to bear.

"Lema'an Achai" is a non-profit organization aiding poor families in the city of Bet Shemesh, Israel. What makes Lema'an Achai unique is its successful program to help Israel's needy families survive and then get OUT of their crisis.

Lema'an Achai helps poor families to get back on their feet, through back-to-work programs, financial management counseling, and over 25 innovative and effective social services rehabilitation programs.

The Passover Aid Project

Lema'an Achai's Passover Aid Project distributes direct aid to the over one hundred and eighty impoverished families (over six hundred kids) who are participating in Lema'an Achai's programs.

Many of the families that Lema'an Achai helped last year are not on this year's Passover "Aid List" - simply because they were brought back on their feet and no longer need charitable help.

Our Passover Appeal to You

Please support Lema'an Achai's efforts on behalf of these families.
We need your help - for the sake of our brethren!

As an expression of thanks, anyone who generously donates $100 or more will receive Passover Matzoh, baked in Jerusalem, shipped directly to their home. (Please allow 3 to 14 days for shipping).

May God bless you for your kindness and generosity.

  Click below to provide Passover Food for the Needy of Israel

Click Here to Donate Passover food baskets


Support 4:

Help Us Provide Food Boxes This Passover.  Join Our Fill the Pantry Campaign Today.

Passover is now only days away and there are still desperately needy people in both Israel and the former Soviet Union looking for your help.
People like Veronika — a precious little eight-year-old girl whose young life has been filled with misery and unending hardship.
Veronika is not only growing up in appalling poverty, but she also suffers from diabetes that requires costly daily medication. Her mother earns only $137 a month, and the family is facing eviction from their dilapidated apartment in Kiev, Ukraine.
To keep food on the table, Veronika’s mother depends on food packages from The Fellowship, especially during this holy time of year when she so desperately wants to give Veronika a chance to experience Passover with dignity.
My friend, there are so many Jewish people, like Veronika and her family, who are living in shocking poverty right now. They cannot even afford life’s basic necessities, much less the special foods, such as matzah, that are needed to celebrate the Passover Seder.
Your gift to our Fill the Pantry Passover food campaign will be a tremendous blessing. With your help we can reach out to thousands of orphaned and abandoned Jewish children who need to know that there is someone who cares, to elderly women and men — including Holocaust survivors — who are isolated and alone, and to impoverished Jewish families who otherwise will be unable to observe the holy Passover Seder.
Please give to our Fill the Pantry Passover food campaign today and bring comfort to these suffering souls. The bible tells us “This is a day you are to commemorate; for the generations to come you shall celebrate it as a festival to the Lord — a lasting ordinance” (Exodus 12:14).
If you’ve already made a gift, then please accept my heartfelt gratitude. But, if you haven’t yet donated, or can make an additional gift to help these desperately needy people, then please make a generous contribution today.

With prayers for shalom, peace,

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
With Passover now only three days away, there is very little time left to fill these much needed Passover Food Boxes and distribute them to the most needy including families, orphans and the elderly. Please help us reach out to them by making a special Passover gift to The Fellowship today

Support 5:
Dear Friend,

A disturbing report has surfaced from former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton alleging that the Obama Administration intentionally leaked information about Israel’s plans for military action against Iran in order to delay or prevent Israeli action. If this report is accurate, it represents a stunning and callous disregard for Israel’s safety on the part of the leaders of our country.

It was clear while I was in Israel that distrust for the government in Washington is growing in the Jewish state. The Israeli people, sadly with good reason, believe that the administration is more focused on November’s elections than on stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. It is time for us to stand up and raise our voices to be counted as supporters and friends of Israel, and there is a very pressing need facing Israel right now that together we can do something about.

The request I received more than any other while I was in Israel recently is staggering—people need help finding enough to eat. We often think of hunger as being confined to third-world countries, but it is very real in Israel today. Tonight, thousands and thousands of Jewish people will go to bed hungry, but together we can change that.

In just a few days, Jewish people around the world will celebrate the Passover, a wonderful remembrance of God’s deliverance of His people. But for the hungry of Israel, it will not be a time of celebration. The generosity of you and our beloved Jerusalem Prayer Team partners is known across Israel. When we dedicated the renovated bomb shelter in Jerusalem two weeks ago, the event was broadcast across the entire country, and afterward I was besieged with urgent pleas for aid.

My heart breaks as I think of so many little children and so many aged Holocaust survivors having to face the threat of hunger. I want to meet as many of these requests for help as possible, but we can’t do that without your help. Today I’m asking you to send a special gift to allow us to provide food for the Passover week to the poor of Israel. We have made the commitment to those who use the Community Center/bomb shelter in Jerusalem that we will provide free food and other daily needs for all who come. There is great opportunity for us to show God’s love to His Chosen People if we act right now.

Israel today stands on the brink of all-out war—a war that will kill or injure thousands of precious Jewish men, women, and children. We must do all that we can to defend the Jewish state and God’s Chosen People. In addition, the Jerusalem Prayer Team is working to meet the needs of the poor and elderly in Israel. Your gift helps us provide warm clothes, food and medicine for those in urgent need.

When you send your gift of any amount, we will send you this beautiful Jerusalem night light for your home.

With your gift of $40 or more, we will send you the light and this beautiful Jerusalem Prayer Team mezuzah for your home. If you are able to send $1,000 or more, we will send you both of those items as well as this large silver-trimmed shofar. Handmade according to the traditions passed down for centuries, this museum-quality piece will tell everyone that you are committed to sounding the alarm for the defense of Israel.

Join us in Israel this summer. Carolyn and I invite you to join us for an amazing journey to the Land of Promise. The trip dates are August 30 to September 8, and the cost per person including air fare from New York City is just $3,149. Register at or call 1-800-929-4684 extension 1 for more information.


Your support of the Jerusalem Prayer Team allows us to continue to stand up and speak out for Israel, as well as meet urgent humanitarian needs among the poor Jewish people living in Israel. Thank you so much for being part of this vital worldwide prayer movement.

Barukh atah Adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam, hameikhin mits’adei gever.
Blessed art thou, Lord our God, King of the universe, who establishes the footsteps of man.

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

Dr. Michael Evans

“Mike Evans is a fighter for freedom in a world of darkening and narrowing horizons.”
-Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

“Mike Evans is a true ambassador to Jerusalem.”
-Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minister of Israel and former Mayor of Jerusalem


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God supports Israel and Shalom!

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