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Monday, November 19, 2012

LIFE-AND-DEATH CASE: Pray For Israel and Help Israel In This War Between Israel and Terrorists!

Peace for the terrorists is the destruction of Israel.
 While Israel is defending herself of the terrorists, all the world is come back against Israel, therefore the world supports the terrorists and want the destruction of Israel. The world that serves the devil, should defend the enemies of Israel and be against Israel whenever will be able to, because the world does that the devil desires.
Thus the newspapers paint the terrorists, a LYING IMAGE!
 But for whom is a servant of God and believes in Him, should be of interest of Israel and differ from the hostile world to Israel and to God.  We are going to pray to God first, asking that He protect Israel and free Israel completely from evil. Afterwards, we are going to divulge the truth that the newspaper do not want to show, therefore we have the information that the press is hiding of the people. If is possible, make donations to help Israel in this moment of need, therefore God blesses those that bless Israel (Genesis 12:3).

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I hope that God hear our prayers and help Israel ever and for ever!
God saves Israel and Shalom!

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