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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Support and Take Action For Israel 7


Palestinian terrorists fired 100 rockets into Israel this weekend, as the terrorist-led Palestinian Authority once again seeks statehood at the United Nations.
The same terrorist groups that have attacked Israel now lead the Palestinian Authority. They are pressuring the U.N. to violate international law and grant it statehood.
A new terrorist-led state would be a deadly threat to Israel.
The ACLJ is mobilizing our global resources, urging the United States to stand with Israel against the creation of a terrorist-led state at the U.N.
The ACLJ's offices in New York, Jerusalem, and Washington, D.C. are working to prevent the creation of a new terrorist-led state. Stand with us in defense of Israel.
Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel
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Stand For Israel:

After more than 100 rockets and mortars have fallen on southern Israel in the past three days, the world community has begun to wake up and call for “maximum restraint”… from Israel. While U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon gets it right in condemning Palestinian rocket fire, calls for “restraint” from Israel ring hollow in this case. How many countries would “show restraint” with their citizens under such a barrage? How would Mr. Ban’, a native South Korean, react if North Korea opened up on South Korea’s civilian population this way?
Of course, Americans have “the newspaper of record” to keep them informed. If you looked at the New York Times’ homepage early this afternoon, you’d learn that Israel had attacked Syrian targets (in response to mortar fire from Syria), and that the Israeli left was making fun of the Prime Minister for having supposedly been too supportive of Governor Romney in the recent U.S. elections.
But, sadly, you wouldn’t know that the terrorists who control Gaza had fired more than 100 rockets and mortars into Israel in the last few days, and that the Israelis who live in the south had spent the past three days huddled near bomb shelters. Because the New York Times doesn’t think that’s important enough to cover.  When and if Israel responds, how much do you want to bet they’ll cover it?
Please take a moment to go to the New York Times’ Facebook page and voice your concerns about their silence on the continual terrorist rocket fire on Israel.

Pray For Israel:


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