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Monday, December 3, 2012


 Have several ways to suicide yourself, where some of them are quick and other slow. It looks that the "palestinians" chose the slowest way to suicide. Today has 10 millions of "palestinians" (I am not sure), but is going to arrive a time that is going to have some or none "palestinians" for tell the history. That can happen because they are challenging the God of Israel, the true God, that is above the god of "palestinians", Allah (or the devil in person).
 "Palestinians" are the sons of the devil, so they hate Israel and are arranged to create the imaginary state of the Palestine (that is in the imagination of the devil and his servants "palestinians"), for will be able to in the near future, destroy Israel and the Jews.
 The "palestinians" don't know that they are digging to own burial, where in the moment that they will try to destroy Israel, they will be destroyed by God, therefore He only permit the "palestinians" will have their first victories, for afterwards will be defeated by God definitely.
 For whom is married or is ready to marry, what would you do with someone that did some evil against your wife or loved? Think! Certainty, you would go to avenge this person, right!?  If yes, this is the kind of revenge that God is going to give to the "palestinians", therefore who touches in Israel or in the Jews, touches in the girl of the eyes of God (Zacarias 2:8). God is vindictive with His enemies (2 Samuel 22:48 and Psalms 18:47), and horrendous thing is going to fall in the hands of the living God (Hebrew 10:31).
 "Palestinians" still has time of will repent and will seek God while there is time, therefore will go in front with the plans to destroy Israel, God is going to destroy not just the "palestinians", but all the nations that were with them (Isaiah 24), because God always defended Israel and never will forget Israel (Isaiah 44:21 and 49:15, and Amos 8:7).
 Pray to God protect Israel, have mercy of all of the peoples, open the eyes of the governs of the world and freedom the Christians from the evil.  Fear God, for will be wise and be against the Palestine's cause (Proverbs 1:7 and Eclesiastes 8:13).



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