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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Celebrate Hanukkah and Pray For Israel

As we celebrate Hanukkah beginning tomorrow evening, I'd like to invite you to join us in eight days of prayer for Israel and for the Jewish people around the world. During the eight days of the holiday, we will be posting specific prayer requests on our Chosen People Ministries Facebook and Twitter accounts.
I cannot tell you how much we need your prayers at this time! We are still facing the threat of war in Israel. In addition, our Chosen People Ministries workers around the globe are meeting with Jewish people who need Messiah every day.
Let's unite our hearts in prayer for the Jewish people and most importantly for our efforts in bringing the Messiah Jesus - the Light of the World – to His kinsman according to the flesh. To receive and share the prayer requests, you can friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!
Your brother,
Dr. Mitch Glaser
President Chosen People Ministries


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Happy Hanukkah and God blesses Israel!

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