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Friday, May 17, 2013


Dear Friend,

     Once I heard a favorite minister tell a story of how he asked the Lord a question that was really bothering him. He asked, “Lord, you are so much more powerful than Satan. Why then, does Satan win so many battles, especially when your people are praying?” 

     He said the answer that came back from the Lord was, “STRATEGY.”

     “Satan strategizes with his evil hordes to win a battle, while believers often pray in general terms.”

     Thankfully, there are a growing number of the people of God who do know how to pray strategically and act strategically. The more we ask for specific wisdom from God, the more He will direct us and increase our harvest.

     Sending 22 young Israeli musicians this summer to the Messianic Jewish Alliance’s yearly July conference has strategic importance. These young leaders will absorb the multi-faceted revelation God has given to the Jewish movement in North America and abroad. They will witness a larger harvest of precious Jewish souls than they have seen in Israel.

     They will learn of the skills, talents and creativity given to the Body of Messiah at large.

     They will definitely gain new friends which will strengthen their own walk with the Lord, and give them joy and courage as they catch the vision of how Jews around the world are receiving salvation and becoming leaders in their own communities.

     Furthermore, the North American Messianic Jews and those who come from various countries will receive vision and passion for the lost sheep of Israel.

     It is with delight that Maoz has this opportunity to bring together these 22 Israeli leaders and musicians from seven Messianic Jewish congregations throughout Israel - including an Arab believer who is also a part of the group!

     We want to see them come back home full of grace, fire and even more determination to be a part of the sowers and reapers here in Israel.

     If you grasp the possibilities and the benefits of sending Israeli believers to the Messianic Jewish conference this July, then we invite you to be a part of their growth and vision by investing in their journey.

      May God return to you many, many fold every gift that you give to the Israeli people.

        For the next generation,
A&S signature
       Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram
P.S. Remember, your giving today is an investment in the next generation of Israel’s worship leaders and musicians.  
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International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
Bring God’s Children Home to Israel

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For many years now The Fellowship has been participating in a miracle: the ingathering of the Jewish people from the “four corners” of the world to Israel (Isaiah 11:12). Thanks to generous donors like you, our On Wings of Eagles program has helped bring hundreds of thousands of Jews to their spiritual homeland.
Tragically, there are thousands of Jews in the former Soviet Union, Arab nations, and Ethiopia many of whom are suffering from extreme poverty and living with the threat of anti-Semitic violence and oppression who can’t make this trip on their own. This is when they turn to The Fellowship for help, and we have the blessing of bringing them home to Israel. But we need your help.
Please watch this important video to witness the profound impact that making aliyah (immigration) to Israel has on these Jews and then be a partner in prophecy by bringing them home to the Holy Land.
With prayers for shalom, peace,
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Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Founder and President

CUFI on Campus - If Christian students do not continue to stand up for Israel on more campuses, the anti-Israel conditions that we see on today's colleges and universities are those we can expect in our government tomorrow.
Dear Friend,
Ask Holocaust Survivor Irving Roth how the Nazis successfully carried out their agenda and he will answer with one word: Demonization. While the Nazis were defeated, the demonization of the Jews continues. In particular, this demonization — of both Jews and the Jewish State of Israel — is finding a home on our college campuses and shaping the minds of our future leaders. The boldness of these attacks are in part due to decades of silence from Christian students who were either unaware or unable to speak the truth.
Hope is on the horizon as we raise up Christian student leaders across the USA who are standing up for Israel and the Jewish people. When we say, "Never Again," we mean it.
Before I worked for CUFI, I was a student activist in my home town of Portland, Oregon. I watched as high school students danced to the anti-Semitic lyrics of an anti-Israel band, while shocked parents of Jewish students begged the school board to put a stop to it. When the school board refused, our CUFI on campus chapter took action. Because of our CUFI on Campus chapter's opposition, our small Jewish community in Portland witnessed tens of thousands CUFI members from across the country rally in their support. They told me, "CUFI on Campus gives us hope."
Vika Mukha at UC Berkeley: “University of California Berkeley has also been known as a hostile environment for pro-Israel student activists on campus. With apartheid week every spring, a mock separation wall is built, Jewish students are spit on, and Israel’s government is equated to that of Nazi Germany.  CUFI at Berkeley’s chapter was  just created this past semester in the fall of 2012. CUFI at Berkeley has been  able to engage in dialogue with  Christian Palestinians and American  Christians who are boycotting and  divesting from Israel’s goods and  services, presenting Biblical truths  about our Biblical mandate to stand  with the nation of Israel.”
Lydia Williams at UC Davis: “As to how I feel about having a chapter on campus, I guess I just am mostly in shock! The anti-Semitism at Davis is so rampant that many Jews there are afraid to wear their Yarmulkes on campus in fear of  being singled out and heckled. I am so amazed at how God had prepared the way ahead of time so that in a matter of 2 months, He introduced me to CUFI, gave me the go ahead signal to start a club, gave me a faculty adviser, and gave me 4 other officers.  I am so humbled and in awe by how the Lord prepared everything ahead of time for me so that it was almost easy.”

Currently, CUFI has over 100 recognized chapters and a presence on 220 campuses across America. That's not enough! We need to be on one thousand campuses!
Sadly, the Israel haters don't have to beg and borrow to fund their campus activities they are generously bankrolled by powerful interests. Our pro-Israel Christian students deserve better. They deserve our generous support!
We just need the financial support to provide the training and resources to enable this volunteer army to compete against a powerful and wealthy anti-Israel coalition. Your action ensures the CUFI on Campus program can reach the most crucial campuses and the brightest Christian leaders at this most urgent time.
We ask that you make a prayerful decision to help us.
Josh Ahrens
CUFI's National Campus Coordinator
Please help CUFI on Campus change the onesided conversation, and bring the truth about Israel to America’s universities. If we fail here, now, nothing else will matter. At this critical time, help us reach more students on more universities with the tools they need to speak out and stand up for Israel.


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