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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Action Alert: Tell Sarkozy That You Stand With Israel!

Your Support Bibi
Dear Joseph,
As you've no doubt read, France's President Nicholas Sarkozy was overheard telling President Obama that he "cannot stand" Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu and that he believes the Israeli leader is a "liar."
While national leaders do not always get along, these are unusually strong words.  And they are deeply disturbing.
Furthermore, these words raise the troubling possibility that President Sarkozy's personal animus has influenced French policy.  In September, Prime Minister Netanyahu made a powerful defense of his nation and direct negotiations before the United Nations.  Yet  earlier this month, France ignored Netanyahu's plea and voted to admit "Palestine" as a full member of UNESCO.  Could it be that the French dismissed Israel's powerful argument as lies?    
As Americans, we have no say in French policy.  But France has an Ambassador here in Washington who is tasked with sharing American views with his government in Paris.  Let's help him do his job! 
We stand with Israel.  And we stand with Israel's democratically elected Prime Minister.  As far as we're concerned, Prime Minister Netanyahu is one of the very few people telling the truth about Israel and the Middle East today.
Blessings to you and those you love,

Pastor John Hagee                               David Brog
National Chairman                               Executive Director
Christians United for Israel                   Christians United for Israel
Email France's Ambassador that you stand with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel.

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