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Friday, November 18, 2011

Take Action For Israel 5

Last week, the International Atomic Energy Agency issued an unprecedented report that confirms Iran is closing in on the capability to produce nuclear weapons.
This alarming report comes on the heels of the discovery last month that Iran was behind a foiled plot to attack Saudi and Israeli targets on U.S. soil.
These wake up calls further indicate the need for the United States and our allies to act with devastating new sanctions on Iran now. These sanctions are needed to prevent  the nightmare scenario this nuclear-armed regime would pose.
Please help by taking the following two actions today:
  • First, email your Representative and urge them to vote for The Iran Threat Reduction Act (H.R. 1905) when it comes to the House floor.  This bipartisan legislation would impose tough new sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran and enshrine in law that it is U.S. policy to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.
  • Second, after you email your members, please make a special online contribution in support of AIPAC’s work with Congress and the Administration to ensure these vital Iran sanctions are enacted without delay.
The time to act is now. Iran is nearing a tipping point in its illicit nuclear pursuit and will only be further emboldened if it is allowed to acquire a nuclear weapons capability.
  • The new IAEA report marks the first time the U.N. agency has publicly confirmed that a signatory to the non-proliferation treaty has engaged in activity related to the development of nuclear weapons.
  • The tone of the report no longer provides Iran with the benefit of the doubt that its activities are peaceful.  Rather, it insists Iran explain its clearly "non-peaceful activities."
  • The report further shows that Iran has already stockpiled enough LEU, that if further enriched, could produce up to four nuclear weapons.
Thank you in advance for your help and for your support of AIPAC, the only organization working to ensure critical American support for Israel in these uncertain times.
Thank you,

Jonathan E. Missner
Director of National Affairs and Development


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