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Friday, December 16, 2011

The American Democrat Antisemitism

By Deborah Srour
This week we had to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared that any agreement to accept Israel's existence would leave a "cancerous tumor" that threaten the security of the Middle East forever. Netanyahu said that are defamatory statements like these - that prove the intent to annihilate Israel - that give credibility to the need for security and recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.
Mahmoud Abbas for his part, back to Ramallah, and both received a receipt. The Palestinians cheered his speech at the United Nations in which he put out the call history of the Jews to their ancestral homeland, denied Israel's right to exist and promised to establish a Palestinian state racist and ethnically cleansed of all Jews. Some of his fans in Ramallah waved posters with a picture of U.S. President Barack Obama portrayed as a monkey titled "The First Jewish President of the United States"
The fact that both the Palestinian Fatah and Hamas are anti-Semitic racist and should not be surprising that provides a minimum of media attention to the Palestinian and culture in general. Since the Oslo Accords in 93, the Palestinian Authority has used the media, schools and mosques to spew anti-Semitic Propaganda nazista.Sobre identical to their racism, just look at the papers from previous years and see how Condoleeza Rice was described and understand support of the Palestinian massacre of black Muslims in Darfur.
It's amazing how in a world that tries to be as politically correct by outlawing religious manifestations, expressions in favor of banning traditional family, encouraging minorities to impose their will, does not condemn or even criticize these governments racist and discriminatory. Black Americans, bombarded by propaganda from the Saudi proselytizing Muslim 60 years, now sympathize with the Arabs and disregard the fact that black people in countries Arab are second-class citizens, described as "slaves" by whites.
This same Arab lobby has also worked tirelessly to undermine the legitimacy of the Jews and Israel in the world. A public opinion poll in 2008 showed that the hatred of Jews is universal in the Arab and Muslim world. 97% of the public in Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon have expressed hatred of Jews and 75% in Turkey, Pakistan and Indonesia.
The sight of Muslims living in the West is not much better. While 7% of Britons said they had an unfavorable view of Jews, 47% of British Muslims have admitted the same. And so it is in France and Germany. You may ask, why is this important? Because despite being 4.6% of the Muslims of the British population, they accounted for 40% of anti-Semitic attacks in the country.
With this kind of opinion that favors a new genocide of Jews in the world, one might think that American Jewish organizations would be working more to expose this threat. But this is not the case. The American Jewish leadership is far more concerned with the influence of evangelicals in the Republican Party than with the dangers of Muslim anti-Semitism.
Last month, a Gallup Poll found that 80% of American Jews see Muslim Americans favorably and do not believe they support the Al-Qaeda . This distorted view of American Jews goes further. They estimated that only 7% of Hispanics and 19% of black Americans are anti-Semitic. The truth is very different. More than 50% of Hispanic immigrants to the United States and african-Americans said they had anti-Semitic sentiments.
But as the Jews, these ethnic groups voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Democratic Party. Evangelicals, on the other hand, support the Republicans. In this surreal world, Democratic voters tend to be much more anti-Semitic than Republicans. This disparity may be due to the same policy choices. The Democratic Party of Barack Obama understand the fear that Jews continue to have evangelicals who for more than 40 years trying to convert them and is now a battle of the demonization of Christians to keep the financial support of Jews to their campaign.
As for Muslims, the Jewish National Council condemned a report by Democratic Congressman Peter King on the radicalization of Muslim Americans say this kind of thing that would hurt the religious tolerance in America . Not to mention his support for the construction of the mosque next to the World Trade Center. In other words, in the opinion of the National Jewish Democratic Council, the mere investigation of the radicalization of Muslim Americans could put Jews in danger.
If the Jews in America are concerned about how they will maintain their loyalty to the Democratic Party, then it is normal they exaggerate the danger that is essentially evangelical Republican. It is also reasonable for them to underestimate antisemitism Hispanic and african-american and ignore the high levels of anti-Semitism among Democrats . It also makes sense they follow the party line and ignore the dangers of global Islamic antisemitism. But nothing, absolutely nothing makes any sense if these Jewish community leaders have been elected to defend Jews from anti-Semitic sentiments and violence.
It is possible that American Jews are simply detached from reality. But it is his duty to educate themselves. We saw what happened 70 years ago when the Jews failed to become aware of the threats that brought the reality to his and his people. Last week Mahmoud Abbas received applause and cheers from all corners for his speech anti-Semitic , Who denied the story of the Jews in their land and condemned the Jewish state for its existence.
This week we Jews have to do a special accounting of the soul, of our actions and our faults. Improving our faith in our people, our laws and to God. With the continued isolation of Israel, and attacks on Jews worldwide increasing geometrically, my vote is that for the coming year, the American Jewish community to face the harsh reality and make the right choices. Let her take the resolution of difficult cross party lines and stand beside those who never stopped supporting Israel and fighting anti-Semitism the United States and around the world.
Source (in portuguese):

-I translated this article.
-This article was writing in 7 of October of this year.
-Neither all Democrat is anti-semite, and neither all Republican is in favor of the Jews and Israel.
-I thought this important article, because I am extremely worried about the anti-semitism world.
-That the Jews and Israel can recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah that God promised to THEM.
-That God protects the Jews in the world and blesses Israel abundantly.
-Shalom for everybody!

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