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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Bring Blessings
of Strength and Peace

Your partnership with The Fellowship is truly a gift of life for Jewish people around the world who are facing extreme hardships.
Every day I thank God for you and your support for our lifesaving programs that give blessings of strength and peace to God's people.
It is such a privilege to be able to provide this kind of life-sustaining assistance.  However, my heart is also heavy for the many sons and daughters of Abraham who need a compassionate friend like you.
People like Yevgeniya, an elderly woman in the former Soviet Union (FSU), struggling to stretch her $134-per-month pension for her and her family.  Thanks to you, The Fellowship has been able to provide Yevgeniya and her family with food, clothing, and warm blankets through our Isaiah 58 program.
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Or Rosa, who faced harsh persecution in her home country.  Thanks to gifts from our On Wings of Eagles partners she has been able to immigrate to Israel, where she can freely practice her faith.

Or Leah, a hardworking Israeli single mother of two who was forced to choose between buying essential medicine for herself or food for her children.  But, thanks to our Guardians of Israel care, now Leah doesn't have to make that choice.
Sadly, these three stories reflect the heartbreaking conditions that so many Jewish people around the world are still facing day after day.
However, by donating to IFCJ right now, you can provide basic necessities to impoverished elderly in Israel—including Holocaust survivors, Jewish orphans in the former Soviet Union, and Jews all around the world who long to come to the Holy Land to escape oppression.
With so many Jewish people in urgent need, please be as generous as you possibly can with your year-end giving.  In Israel alone, nearly 1 million children are growing up in poverty.  Yet with so many of Israel’s resources now needed to protect her people against terrorism and prepare for the possibility of war, these children's needs will largely be left unmet unless we step forward to help today.
On behalf of all those whose lives you touch, I pray that you will be blessed according to these biblical words: "May the Lord bless you from Zion, He who is the Maker of heaven and earth" (Psalm 134:3).
Thank you for your selfless generosity—and may this season be a joyous one for you and your loved ones.
With prayers for shalom, peace,
Rabbi Sig
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
With 2011 winding down, I urge you to make a special year-end gift to support IFCJ’s lifesaving programs that bless Israel and Jewish people around the world.


God blesses Israel so much and Shalom!

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