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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sen. Chuck Hagel: The Enemy Of Israel in the White House 2


Despite objections from CUFI and many others, President Obama has nominated former senator Chuck Hagel to be our next Secretary of Defense.  While it will be difficult to defeat the President’s nominee in the Democrat-controlled Senate, we won’t stop fighting this nomination.  We pray that you won’t either.   

With each passing day, more and more senators are going public with their position on this nomination. The fate of this nomination may well be decided before the new senate is even sworn in.  Thus we can’t afford to wait.  Please click here now to ask your senators to vote against this nomination.  

Our next Secretary of Defense will face many challenges.  Foremost among them will be stopping Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapons capability.  Yet in the Senate Hagel repeatedly opposed economic sanctions and other practical steps to stop Iran.  Despite his recent efforts to distance himself from his record, he still doesn’t seem to grasp the urgency of the Iranian threat. 

If you don’t recognize the greatest threat to America, you cannot defend against it.

Senator Hagel is a good man who has served his country bravely.  But he’s not the right man to lead the Department of Defense and ensure our security in the future.

Click here now to help ensure that Senator Hagel isn’t nominated for this critical job.
May God Bless You and Those that You Love,

Pastor John Hagee                  David Brog
Chairman                                   Executive Director
CUFI                                           CUFI  


As we mentioned, this past week President Obama nominated former Senator Chuck Hagel to serve as the next Secretary of Defense.

Secure America Now opposes Hagel's nomination and launched a petition to Senate members of the Armed Services Committee to oppose the nomination.
Now, we are releasing an exclusive file on Chuck Hagel, prepared by Secure America Now analysts. Please read and forward the important report. Print the booklet and share with others in your community. Let the public know.
Why should Hagel not be confirmed?
As the exclusive bookletdetails, Hagel's Senate record on foreign and security affairs is clear.
Senator Hagel is disturbingly naive when it comes to identifying America's enemies and combating the radical Islamic regime in Iran.
So please download the free report, and if you have not yet done so, go ahead and Sign the No Hagel Petition.



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