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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


A close descendent of some of the millions of victims of the Nazi Holocaust has penned an open letter to the World Health Organization (WHO), slamming the organization for promoting the killing of unborn children in its recent abortion guide.
A new edition of the guide, “Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems,” was released this month. It details the most effective ways to kill unborn children at various stages of the unborn child’s development.

Peggy Clores' mother, survivor of Auschwitz, and her father, a WWII Sergeant.
Speaking to the WHO, Peggy “Lennon” Clores of Huntington, New York writes that there is no doubt that a unborn child is human, and says: “like Hitler, you hide the evidence from the world and from your heart.”
Clores’ grandparents were killed at Auschwitz, while her mother famously survived the infamous concentration camp thanks to her musical talent: she was recruited by the Nazis to play in an orchestra in the camp.
She also criticizes the WHO for continuing to recommend abortion despite the evidence showing the physical and psychological effects that abortion has on women.
“Women deserve better,” she writes, saying “A ‘health’ organization cannot justify crimes against humanity.”
“This is beyond appalling and the extermination of human life has superceded Hitler’s crimes against humanity to incomprehensible proportions. 1.5 million lives ended annually each year in the United States alone since 1973.”
The WHO’s abortion guide includes estimates on unsafe abortion worldwide, the latest clinical recommendations to perform abortions, recommendations for “scaling up” services, and advice on policymaking and legislation.
Clores asks the WHO to “end the madness.”
“In defense of all women and in memory of my grandparents exterminated in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, I urge you to live up to your responsibility to humanity and to your name. I urge your hearts and minds to confront the atrocities and end the deadening and rationalizations of your consciences.
“I urge you to confront the reality of your ‘health’ counsel,” she concludes.

 While Adolf Hitler killed 6 millions of Jews (without count others kinds of people that he also killed), abortion killed over 40 millions of humans before was born (counting barely the abortions in the United States).
 Abortion is the modern Holocaust that super all the atrocities of Hitler. I don't see difference between nazis killing Jews, and women and doctors aborting innocent humans.
 But we are able to do our part signing the petitions down, for we fight against this modern Holocaust.
Petitions in English: / / / /
Petitions in Portuguese: / /
Additional petition, to fight against the antisemitism in the German NEO-NAZI (in English):

God saves the life of the innocents!


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