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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


By Deborah Srour
Translated by ME
The elections in Egypt resulted in no surprises. The candidate of the Muslim brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi, is in front. In a rally on the first day. May Morsi promised to lead Egypt in the formation of new Muslim Caliphate with its capital in Jerusalem. Morsi also promised to expel all the Coptic Christians of Egypt shall not convert to Islam or reduce them to second-class citizens, or dhimmis.

Instead it will focus on how to fix the economy of Egypt is in shambles, it unites people through an absurd speech to unite the entire Arab and Muslim people of the region to destroy Israel. Where we have seen this before? And why Jerusalem? She was never the capital of anything Islamic in human history.

It is because Jerusalem has become the symbol of the failure Islamic warrior and only its reconquest will rehabilitate the Muslims in their own eyes.

And it was this past week, 45 years ago that the Israeli army liberated the Old City and the capital of the reunified country. Most battles are now just a distant memory described in history books. When visiting Jerusalem is difficult to see that the Jordanian army was there, in the heart of the city, surrounding walls on three sides. Iraqi forces were across the Jordan ready to send reinforcements. When the Jordanians opened fire, more than 6,000 artillery shells rained down on the Jewish residents of the city, leaving over a thousand injured.

After several warnings to the Jordanians, the Israeli army finally had no choice but to cross the ceasefire line of 1949 and capture the territory used by the Arabs to attack the Jewish state. Soon after the Six Day War, the UN discussed the right of parties who had complained to both Jerusalem and had to analyze the circumstances of how each of them took possession of the city.

The capture of Jerusalem by Jordan in 1948, was then described by the UN secretary general, Trygve Lie, as the first case of "armed aggression" since the Second World War. In contrast, the entry of Israel in the eastern city in 1967, was described as an action in self-defense. This distinction was even more apparent when the Soviet Union failed, despite repeated efforts, labeling Israel a "aggressor" in the Security Council in June 1967 and then in the UN General Assembly.

The great American jurist Stephen Schwebel, who became president of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, wrote in 1970 that "when a previous occupier of a territory, took illegally, the state which subsequently takes that territory exercising self-defense, has a better title to the previous occupier. "

Israel has a right ancient history of Jerusalem, recognized by the British Mandate. But it unfortunately disappeared from the international discourse after 1967. By international law, Israel has more right over Jerusalem that Jordan.

Today, after any war, the world tries to restore the territorial status quo before the conflict. But this can not be done with Jerusalem as the occupation of the city by Jordan was deemed illegal by the international community.

The fact that the UN did not send forces to protect Jerusalem in 1948, and to prevent the expulsion of the Jews who lived there, made ​​the clausas internationalization of the city's partition plan, would become unviable.

Thus, when the UN Security Council met to discuss a peace plan after the Six Day War, there was much ambivalence about what should happen with the territory and especially Jerusalem. The ceasefire line of 1949 was not sacrosanct. Never been a recognized international border. It was just about getting the truce line separating two armies after the War of Independence of Israel.

When finally the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 242, it failed to demand that Israel withdraw from "all territories" that had captured, as the Soviet Union wanted, but called for new secure and recognized borders, were outlined. It is what we now call Israel's right to defensible borders.

Resolution 242 not only called for Israel to withdraw behind the 1967 lines, but not referred to Jerusalem. And this omission was deliberate. U.S. President Lyndon Johnson at the time made ​​apparent its understanding, never referring to East Jerusalem as "occupied territory" and insisting that the armistice lines that divided Jerusalem were no longer viable. These statements were very clear legal implications.

Since 1988, the Palestinians say they replaced the Jordanians in the diplomatic arena and try to have a recognized sovereignty over Jerusalem which Jordan would have no right.

To erode the right of Israel, they began introducing language in UN resolutions on "occupied Palestinian territories," including East Jerusalem. In 1994, the administration of president Clinton stood firmly against such attempts when the U.S. ambassador to the UN Madeleine Albright said the U.S. veto in the Security Council saying that "today we are voting against a resolution precisely because it implies the fact that Jerusalem is an area occupied Palestinian. "

The diplomatic strategy of the Arabs and Palestinians has been to make the international community to adopt its discourse and legal terminology liar.

Unfortunately, many Israelis raised their hands making the new generation of Israelis do not know their legal rights and the historical city of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Rights infinitely stronger than those claimed by the Arab side.

These details are still very important 45 years later. In March this year, the Palestinians managed to pass a resolution at the Human Rights Council UN in Geneva, describing Jerusalem as "occupied Palestinian territory."

At a time when the attack on the legitimacy of the rights of Israel is the centerpiece of their enemies, we must carry forward the historical truth of what happened 45 years ago and do not leave this lying and misleading narrative become the official discourse of the Arab , the media and the UN.
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God determined Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel and the men have not right to charge it.
God blesses Jerusalem and Israel!

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