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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Support and Take Action For Israel 4

Front Page Mag:
Dear DHFC Supporter,

Israel's biggest fear is coming true...

Iran claims that Syria, Russia and China are joining the rogue nation for the "biggest-ever wargames in the Middle East." An estimated 90,000 troops, 400 aircraft and 1,000 tanks will participate in the joint exercise within the next 30 days.

As one of the Freedom Center's strongest supporters, I'm writing to you today with an important question: will you allow Israel to stand alone?

This is a critical time for Israel and we must stand prepared to defend her. That's why we're producing more "I Stand with Israel" t-shirts. Please reserve your t-shirt by donating $25 or more to the Freedom Center today. Every dollar you give will go towards our Israel Defense Fund.

President Obama has made it clear time and time again that his administration will not go to great lengths to protect one of America's strongest allies. He's thrown Israel under the bus countless times, and I fear he may not act to defend her if Iran attacks.

But the Freedom Center will not abandon Israel. We've been sounding the alarm about the threat Israel faces for years and we're prepared to go where no other organization has the courage to go to defend her. The Freedom Center won't shy away from telling the truth about the situation and we won't hesitate to write and speak out in defense of Israel.

Can I count on your support to insure the Freedom Center's Israel Defense Fund has the resources it needs to be effective? Please follow this link right away to make the most generous donation you can afford. Don't forget that I'll send you an "I Stand with Israel" t-shirt for your donation of $25 or more.

The time to act to defend Israel is now. Please don't hesitate to give generously to the Freedom Center's Israel Defense Fund today.


David Horowitz
President & Founder

P.S. Will you allow Israel to stand alone? The Freedom Center will not. That's why we're building up the Israel Defense Fund's arsenal. Please follow this link to donate $25 or more and I'll rush you an "I Stand with Israel" t-shirt. Thanks—David

United With Israel:
South Africa is planning to require “Made in the Occupied Palestinian Territories” labels on many products from Israel.

Macdonald Netshitenzhe, South Africa’s Director of Trade and Industry, South Africa explained “… South Africa recognizes Israel inside the 1948 UN borders….Therefore for the goods or vegetables which are grown in the area where Israel invaded other Arab countries, South Africa
says, you better say these products are grown in
Palestine or Occupied Palestinian Territories.”
Yigal Palmor, Spokesman of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs remarked “This is not a political objection to settlements, rather the act of singling out a state by a special marking system based on national-political criteria. Therefore, it is by essence a racist move… It is shocking to think that South Africa, of all countries, would display such callousness…”
We are asking all Israel supporters to protest legislation that unfairly singles out Israel – and to demonstrate that Israel has many faithful friends in South Africa and around the world.
You can make a difference, Israel needs your help!
ACT NOW FOR ISRAEL by sending a strong message directly to Ntutuzelo Vananda, Deputy Director of Consumer Law and Policy in South Africa.

Tell him that “Made in Palestine” labels are unacceptable.

More information:


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