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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Support and Take Action For Israel 3

Dear Friend of Israel,
As with many pro-Israel Americans, you likely find it hard to imagine the tremendous loss you would feel if the Jewish state were to no longer exist.
Today, as the Middle East experiences growing instability, as Hizballah and Hamas increase their weapon arsenals on Israel's border...and as Iran continues its pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability, we can never forget how real these threats are to Israel’s security...and very existence.
Most importantly, we can’t forget that America is the key ally that stands by Israel’s side.
As an AIPAC member, you will play a direct role in helping us work with Congress to secure billions in security aid and priceless diplomatic support that keeps America and Israel safe and secure.
I understand there are many worthy causes that ask for your support, but as you decide which organizations to donate to this year, I ask that you please keep in mind the following:
No other organization does the advocacy work of AIPAC.
None of the dollars you give AIPAC overlap with the work of other Jewish groups.
If pro-Israel advocates like you don’t give to AIPAC, our work doesn’t get done.
Please be assured that these are not over-hyped statements. Each one is true.
Member gifts provide 100% of the financing for AIPAC's important legislative work each and every year. That is why it is so important for pro-Israel Americans like you to join.
For nearly 60 years, AIPAC has been the organization that ensures Israel will never stand alone. Please join us today with a gift of $50, $100, $250 or more and lend your leadership in the important weeks and months ahead.
In addition to helping the pro-Israel community meet its continuing challenges, joining AIPAC will provide you with several personal benefits, including a Free subscription to Near East Report, an invitation to AIPAC’s annual Policy Conference, periodic email alerts and more.
Thank you in advance for your help and support.
Jonathan E. Missner
Director of National Affairs and Development
P.S. Each year, AIPAC is involved in more than 100 legislative and policy initiatives involving Middle East policy or aimed at broadening the U.S.-Israel bond. Member gifts to AIPAC provides 100% of the financing for these initiatives. Please support AIPAC with an online donation today. Thank You.
MORE INFORMATION AND PETITIONS:{AE0C38C6-14E9-46AA-A5BE-2530BC0E7909}{50B00D38-5A87-4E29-9D5D-670022EBB2AD}

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews:
Help Israel's Most Vunlnerable

It breaks my heart that so many Jewish people in Israel are living in shocking poverty …
That one out of every three children in Jerusalem is growing up in poverty …
That elderly Jews – including Holocaust survivors – often cannot afford even basic food and medicines …
And that because Israel needs so many resources to guard against constant terrorist attacks, there is often little left for the government to use on behalf of her most vulnerable people.
This is the perfect way to reach out to these suffering souls. Your gift will be put to work immediately to provide food, shelter, medical assistance, and the basic necessities that so many people in the Holy Land urgently need.
Our goal is to raise $350,000 to provide life’s essentials to thousands of desperately needy Jewish people. So today I am calling on generous friends like you to become a "Helping Hand" by making a special campaign gift today.

The Fellowship is one of the largest humanitarian organizations in Israel, and we are already in position to make a difference at this especially critical time. However, first we need your help.
Please reach out to Israel’s poorest people by supporting The Fellowship’s 2012 Helping Hands Campaign today.

With prayers for shalom, peace,

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
As the bible says “Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter – when you see the naked, to clothe them, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?”

My friend, please seize this opportunity to make a meaningful, profound difference in the lives of those less fortunate

   Dear Friend,
   The Bible reveals an enormous truth to all of us: We are the Salt of the Earth. When society begins to disintegrate, no power outside of the Holy Spirit will stop the bleeding.
   Unless a failing kingdom turns to the One True God, it will disappear. The hope of Israel, as is true of every other nation, is the growth of the Body of Messiah and its resolve to see revival for our Jewish people.
   As Messianic Jewish believers and born-again Arab Christians in Israel steadily increase, we are beginning to see that God’s people can and are making a difference in the nation.
   In addition to seeing lives changed through bringing our friends and family to faith, believers are creating awareness to the entire nation concerning desperate situations in Israel such as human trafficking, abortion and treatment of refugees from Africa, to mention a few.
   Now the fact that 40 young Israelis from twelve congregations, including two Arab brothers, are traveling to the MJAA conference this summer is a mighty demonstration of what God is doing in Israel today! (Actually, there were more on our waiting list, but our quota limited us to 40.)
   At the conference, our Israeli group will be in charge of the Tuesday evening worship (in Hebrew and English!) and Ari will be delivering the message.
   The generosity of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America and of Jewish Voice, together with Rabbi Eric Walker’s synagogue plus other like-minded Messianic Jewish congregations will made this trip another milestone in the Messianic movement.
   We have no doubt the Lord will do deep things in the hearts of the Israelis, the Americans and international youth who will be attending. Our God has already planned what great things he will accomplish through this conference.
   Our part in this endeavor is to raise $15,000, about $375 per young person.
   This is your opportunity to help these young people from all over our nation of Israel to be part of the MJAA conference.
   Being together for a whole week will certainly impact the lives of these 40 young adults, who will carry their enthusiasm, impartation and anointing back to the shores of Israel, and make a difference in the lives of many others.
   Whether you can sponsor one young person or several, or just give towards the expenses of the trip your gift will count! And count in eternal rewards, as well.
          For the lost sheep of Israel,
A&S signature
       Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram
Give your special gift today to:
Maoz Israel Ministries | istandwithisrael
 Congregation Tiferet Yeshua

You support Israel and God will blesses you!

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