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Thursday, April 21, 2011

DENOUNCE THE TERRORISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should alert everybody, about a possible mobilization or recruitment of terrorists in the world, involving Palestinians and Muslims, for attack Israel. This recruitment already comes happening to a long time in the internet, but so far, was little deed thing for stop this terrorist movement. As you are seeing in the image, this movement marked something for 15 of May for this year, I do not I know well what is, but being a matter of terrorists, good thing is not!  The site above is in Arab and some things in English. This movement is doing publicity in the Facebook ( ), where have some pictures and videos encouraging the hatefulness against Israel, and has a countdown for them they will begin act and attack Israel.  If someone has a account in the Facebook, please, denounce the page of this movement in "Report Page", and hold tight in the alternatives "Contains hate speech or attacks an individual" and/or "Violence or harmful behavior", and you have some another one alternatives, you can do to stop the terrorists.  Also, the movement has a channel in the Youtube ( ), with objective to do publicity by the cause of them and against Israel, and you can denounce this channel, case have a account in the Youtube, holding tight in the breaks "Report profile image violation" and will be made.  What this movement does, is apology to the terrorism against Israel and to the genocide against the Jews, and that is considered crime in Brazil, United States and some others countries in the world.  Several ways exist of denounce this movement by the internet, and, if someone else known about some way, do your part and denounces! I am going to present a way: Go for the site of the FBI ( ) that is in English, lead the "mouse" for "Contact Us" and hold tight "Submit to Tip on Crime/Terrorism" or "Report Internet Crime", where you will have that give your names, addresses, number of the telephone, country where you live, and finally, do the denunciation. Please, say that is a matter of terrorism and put these down the links:
Third 3 Intifada Website:
Third 3 Intifada Facebook:
Third 3 Intifada Youtube:

If someone will know about other ways of denounce or put an end this terrorist movement anti-Israel, do now and make you part. God will destroy the enemies of Israel, therefore as you are seeing here, the Muslims and neither the Palestinians, do not want peace, but they want to destroy to the only Jewish nation in the world. God will bless each person that will do the denunciation! Shalom!

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