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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Passion of Jesus Christ

 Today is Passover (Easter for the Christians) in many places in the world, commemorative day for the Jews and the Christians. Today is a special day for the Jews and for the Christian. Today, both Jews and Christians, we will be commemorating this very important day for everybody. However, the Jews will commemorate the rescue of his parents in the land of the Egypt made by God only, but the Christians will be commemorating our salvation guaranteed by Jesus Christ in the cross of the Calvary. Without the death of Jesus Christ, this day would not have meaning for the Christian, because the death of Him, signifies the rescue of all the humanity, for who believe in Him, can have the eternal life. Passover signifies passage, because the Jews just were passing through in the Egypt and in the desert, for afterwards, will go the Land Promised (Israel), but the Christian, we are passing through in this world, for afterwards, we enter in the Kingdom of God, therefore Jesus Christ guaranteed to the Christians. Jesus Christ suffered and died for everybody, showing to their passion that He had for the world, for who believe in Him, can have access the salvation and conquer the eternal life.
 God blesses everybody and Happy Holidays!


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