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Friday, September 9, 2011

Take Action For Israel 3 (URGENTLY)

Dear (Friends), Later this month the Palestinian Authority intends to seek unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state from the United Nations. This Palestinian initiative rejects direct negotiations, violates past peace commitments, and risks renewed violence. And this appeal to the U.N. has nothing whatsoever to do with peace. It is simply a continuation of the Palestinian campaign to increase the international isolation and delegitimization of Israel. It must not succeed.
President Obama and members of his administration have indicated that the U.S. will veto any such resolution brought before the UN Security Council. But we need your help to ensure that President Obama will follow through on this commitment. Act now to urge President Obama to veto any such resolution at the UN Security Council.
We must also remind the President that a Security Council veto isn't enough. The Palestinians have also threatened to bring their demand for statehood to the U.N. General Assembly. While such a vote would have only symbolic value —the General Assembly does not have the power to recognize new nations -- the vote would still have great propaganda value.
The Obama Administration must not only vote against any such resolution in the General Assembly, but it must demand that our allies and all recipients of U.S. aid join us in our opposition. Thus our letter to the President demands that he commit the full diplomatic might of the United States to opposing any such resolution in the U.N. General Assembly.
President Obama must send a clear message that we will not reward the Palestinians for their obstruction and violation of past commitments. Ask President Obama to oppose UN recognition of a Palestinian state. It only takes a minute to stand with Israel.
May God Bless You and Those That You Love,
Pastor John Hagee
David Brog
Executive Director
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Take action, pray and help Israel! God saves Israel and Shalom!

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