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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Personal Message For Jerusalem's Day

Dear Friends,

Forty five years ago, Israel was faced with a horrifying nightmare as her enemies moved hundreds of thousands of troops around her vulnerable borders. The young country was not nearly as secure as it is today, and the threat of a second Holocaust - just twenty years after Hitler - was terrifying as the Arabs threatened to ‘push the Jews into the sea.’ As Egypt, Jordan and Syria made plans on how to divide the land they were confident they would soon conquer, Israelis dug mass graves in city parks preparing for the absolute worst. Yet, the God of Israel did not abandon His people, and in six short days, demonstrated to the world the extent of His protection and love for Israel. Yom Yerushalayim / Jerusalem Day commemorates this great miracle.

Having moved to Israel only a few months ago, I wake up each morning feeling proud to be a part of the living miracle that is Israel, but today, on Jerusalem Day, the feelings are especially overwhelming. I know from my correspondence with so many of you, that, no matter where you are, your hearts are with me, here in Israel. I am therefore thrilled to share with you our brand new, “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” commemorative e-Book.

It begins with the Prayer for the State of Israel and the Prayer for the Soldiers of Israel’s Defense Forces in English and Hebrew. Following those prayers written by the Chief Rabbi, are fifty high resolution photos of the Holy City by award winning Israeli photographer Yehoshua Halevi for you to cherish alongside Biblical passages describing Jerusalem. This gorgeous volume will be sold for less than $5, but for a limited time, it is being offered to Israel365 readers for only $3.65 - Click here to purchase your copy and enjoy immediately!

Incredibly, in just the first few hours of the Six Day War, Israeli fighter jets destroyed the Egyptian Air Force and the IDF advanced simultaneously on all fronts.  Israel’s ordinarily well prepared generals had never anticipated the war to go so well that when they saw the opportunity to take Jerusalem from Jordanian hands, they didn’t even have any contingency plans to rely on! The Jewish army refused to use heavy weapons in the ancient city for fear of damaging religious holy sites and instead inched through the Old City street by street until finally they raised the Israeli flag over the Dome of the Rock and broadcasted to the world “Har Habayit Beyadenu / The Temple Mount is in our hands!”

On this special day marking the return of Jerusalem to Jewish control for the first time in 2,000 years, let us pray and give thanks to God for the great miracles He has performed for us. Download Israel365’s “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” for an inspirational journey for your eyes and your heart and join me in the prayerful words we recited in Synagogue today, “May it be your will, our God and the God of our forefathers, that just as we have witnessed the beginning stages of our redemption, let us soon merit to hear the sound of the Shofar of the righteous Messiah.”

Shalom from Jerusalem,

Rabbi Tuly Weisz

Pray for peace in Jerusalem and God blesses Israel!

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