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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time of Grace

Over the centuries God has been dealing with humanity in different ways, aiming increasingly facilitate the salvation for the same, but in all these dispensations brought by God, always and invariably, some attitude of human beings will be required. 

The Bible presents us with 39 (thirty-nine) books called the Old Testament or Alliance, and 27 (twenty-seven) books of the New Testament. 

The Old Alliance comes to us the revelation that, without bloodshed there is no remission of sin, then came the countless sacrifices of animals that were regularly made by those who entered in the Jewish faith. 

The time of the Jewish rituals today, has no value for those who have become Church, or disciples of Jesus Christ, and because of Judaism is not a false religion, as reports of Romans 2:12-13, is informed that, the Old Covenant (Law), can be considered the permissive will of God to the Jews, however, the New Alliance (Christ), is the absolute will to the world.

We can see on the Bible, the break (compliance) of the Old Covenant, and the institution of the New Covenant. In the Old Alliance was required the sacrifice of a lamb for the forgiveness of sin was realized. Each would receive his personal forgiveness, through its own bid. But in John 1:29, John the Baptist points to Christ and says: "Behold the Lamb of God, which TAKE AWAY the SIN OF THE WORLD." Understand though, the report covers of the Earth, He takes away the sins of the world. What God never allowed any human being realize, now, he even held for humanity, in others words, the sacrifice of a human being (John.3:16), and don't forget of what is said. He is the Lamb of God, in others words, THE GOD HIMSELF WHO MAKE THE OFFER FOR ETERNAL SACRIFICE.

As the indisputable facts, is established the TIME OF GRACE, in other words, The NOT DESERVED FAVOUR OF GOD TO THE MEN, where the Apostle Paul makes his glorious contribution to our understanding not falter (Romans 3:21-26), and yet in Romans 6:23 , it shows their understanding when claims to be Christ the FREE GIFT OF GOD. As Christ the gift FREE, is that today we are in time of Grace, the NOT DESERVED FAVOUR. 

We'll see clearly in the words of the Lord Jesus, that any law would have to be met before its abolition, because it also as a divine institution, could never be disregarded, unless they were fully met.
In Matthew 5:17-18, when the Lord Jesus, declared that He comes to keep the law, makes clear that the Apostle understood the time of Grace in his person, and once again we prove the declaration of John 1:29, that Christ would be the BIG SACRIFICE , Which will finish all Jewish rituals. 

In Mathew  26:28, Mark 14:24, and Luke 22:20, Jesus proves to be the MEDIATOR of a NEW ALLIANCE in His own blood. (Reading indispensable - Hebrews 9:11-21 / 12:24 / 13:20). 

Once that we understand the institution of the time of Grace, we will demonstrate in this New Alliance, which part applicable to humans, as it does not sacrifice any more remains to be done.

Since all sacrifice has already been done, and knowing that none of us born ordained to anything, we have, after all, that we must find out which part in this New Alliance, because if we are talking about Alliance, this mean that two shares are involved, because normally an Alliance that has involve at least two points, or two interests. 

In Ephesians 2:8-9,  become evident the party that we must, as is said, by Grace we are saved, however shows, THROUGH THE WITNESS. This means that, my faith should be directed to favour that God, established for me, in person and sacrifice of Christ. And is written that this does not come from us, because we would never have how to provide us, a vehicle of salvation so powerful and effective. 
In Romans 5:1-2, Paul, once again shows that our ATTITUDE of faith allows us to enter the New Alliance, in order to, enjoy the time of Grace, which also makes clear that we are justified by faith.

Only the title of closure we want to remember Hebrews 11:6, which states that without faith is impossible to please God, that is, if we do not have faith that the sacrifice of Christ is unique and sufficient for our redemption, never we will please God, and thus, not enjoy its glory. Through faith in time of grace, we can be whatever we want, to see the tremendous Glory of God. 
This time of Grace is also known as dispensing of faith, because the Lord Jesus made it clear that, IF YOU BELIEVE YOU'LL SEE THE GLORY OF GOD (John 11:40). In the end, the Party of God is consummated, now left us do our part. Remember, that faith is the ACTION of your FREE WILL. So believe, and you'll see the Glory of God.
 Pr. Tupirani, The Last Elijah!

The Grace of God will be with you!

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