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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blessing Israel and Jewish People Through (On Wings of Eagles)

 A biblical call to in gather Israel, and a promise for you to claim!
 On Wings of Eagles friends are acting with commitment and compassion to help every Jewish emigrant possible come home to Israel from the lands of their exile, in response to the biblical mandate: "I will beckon to the Gentiles, I will lift up my banner to the peoples; they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders." Isaiah 49:22
 Fellowship friends like you are helping save Jewish lives through Wings! Yet more emigrants like those in the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, India, and Arab lands need the miracle of aliyah and klitah.
 Through your faithful contributions, you can help provide rescue and relief for needy Jews like:
 Marina and her elderly mother who made aliyah to Israel from Russia, where they escaped poverty, hunger, and brutal treatment at the hands of hateful bullies.
 Alena and her family who suffered hardships to make their return to Israel from Ethiopia. They spent two months in absorption center while doctors helped them recover from their suffering_and today this family is safe and well in Israel!
 Anna, a young Ukrainian Jewish girl who was abandoned by her parents. As we saw the hopelessness of Anna's situation, we arranged for her to come to Israel, and now Anna is happy young woman looking to the future with true hope_thanks to the commitment of our Fellowship family and members like you!
More Desperate Jews Need Help to Return to Israel!: The Fellowship needs your help to bring more needy Jews home to Israel 'On Wings of Eagles' while there is still time! I urge you to join us today in carrying forward this critical work, and I pray God's great blessing on you, in return, my friend!
By Yecheil Eckstein
President of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Pray for it!

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