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Monday, July 25, 2011

Just Say "NO!"

Hey People,

Israel is under threat – and we need to defend it.

Palestinian leaders are attempting to create a Palestinian state by circumventing the peace process. Their plan: ask the United Nations to officially recognize a Palestinian state by making them a member nation.

This cannot stand. That's why I'm taking action to urge the United Nations to vote “NO”!

Sign my petition now to urge the UN to vote “NO” on the Palestine Resolution!

In order to prevent this attack on the peace process, I need you to make your voice heard.
We need to tell the UN and Palestinian leaders that the peace process has to be fair and negotiated between the parties involved, not a sham decided on at the UN. I need your help to do just that. I need you to join this fight.

Make your voice heard – sign our petition today!

Later next month, I will be drafting a letter to the United Nations voicing my concern and I will make sure to remind them of the thousands of you taking a stand for Israel and a legitimate peace process.

Thank you,

SJI Signature
Congressman Steve Israel


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