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Friday, July 22, 2011

A Lifeline for Older

JOSEPH HAD BEEN A FARMER IN HIS NATIVE ETHIOPIA for many years before making aliyah (immigration) to Israel with his family.

Joseph was thrilled—but he was no longer young, and years of back-breaking work had taken a toll on him. The few jobs he was qualified for were quickly taken by younger and stronger men.

Thankfully, Joseph learned about Yad LaKashish ("Lifeline for the Old"), a project in Jerusalem which is supported by The Fellowship's Guardians of Israel program. Yad LaKashish offers older people a chance to work and earn wages by making and selling handmade products.
This program also provides these workers the opportunity for a hand up, not a handout, by giving them a sense of purpose and a place where they can again be productive.

Joseph has worked here as a sculptor for the past six years, creating intricate clay art objects. "I feel whole again," Joseph said in a quiet voice. "Before, I had only worked the soil. Now I work the clay of the soil and make things that show how beautiful our land is, how much it gives to us, and how thankful we are to have God's blessings."

Joseph is one of many older Jewish immigrants who has been given new purpose and productivity through our program. These newfound abilities give them confidence, while money from the sales offers much-needed financial assistance. Best of all, the project provides them with the priceless gift of a loving community of friends.

This is just one of hundreds of life-changing projects in Israel made possible by the gifts of friends like you to our Guardians of Israel ministry. The needs of the elderly, poor families, at-risk children, and others in Israel are great, and The Fellowship needs your help to continue providing a lifeline to those who struggle.

Please help us continue this assistance to the needy all across Israel through your gift to The Fellowship today. Thank you!

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