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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Urge Congress to Support Security Aid for Israel

To protect its citizens, Israel must spend more on defense as a percentage of GDP than any other major industrialized nation.

Nothing troubles most pro-Israel Americans more than the thought of Israel not having the resources it needs to defend its citizens.
Yet today, Israel is finding it increasingly difficult - and expensive - to defend itself from an ever growing array of dangerous threats.
From the potential of a nuclear-armed Iran to ongoing rocket attacks from Hamas terrorists, Israel must spend more on defense as a percentage of GDP than any major industrialized nation to ensure the safety of its citizens.
Each year, Congress considers future aid to Israel as part of the annual foreign aid bill.
Israel's defense costs have risen markedly in recent years as overall military spending has accelerated throughout the Middle East. The military hardware that Israel must acquire over the next decade to maintain its qualitative military edge is more complex and expensive than previous systems.
Your donation today will also help AIPAC continue its work with its educational foundation to take our nation's leaders on study missions to Israel where they gain a first-hand understanding of the issues affecting the Jewish state.
In addition, your contribution will help develop one-of-a-kind educational programs for college students, helping to groom our next generation of pro-Israel leaders.
The U.S. and Israel have long recognized that their shared goals of deterring war, promoting stability and achieving peace and security are only possible if the U.S. continues to help ensure Israel's qualitative military edge over potential adversaries.
Please help support AIPAC so we can continue to work with Congress to ensure vital U.S. aid to Israel continues.

Thank You,

Jonathan E. Missner
Director of National Affairs and Development
P.S. In FY 2011 the annual foreign aid bill provided $3 billion in security assistance for Israel. Please make a donation today to ensure AIPAC has the resources to work with Congress in the months ahead to ensure this vital security support for Israel’s citizens continues in the coming year.

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